Open teams give anyone the opportunity to join an already-planned mission trip. These trips bring together missions-minded individuals from all over the United States and Canada. 

“We made LIFELONG friends on our ‘open team’ trip to Haiti. I HIGHLY recommend joining an open team! It’ll change your life!” – Kelly Clark Antrim

Our open teams also present a unique opportunity for child sponsors. Whether you already sponsor a child or are considering the opportunity – open trips are a great way to meet sponsored children in person! Upcoming open teams will be highly relational and focus on spending time with the children in our program.

As a sponsor (prospective sponsor, or someone interested in visiting a location to see our program in action), you will meet your child and their family, visit their home, participate with them in fun activities, and enjoy an afternoon excursion together. This will be the perfect time to continue building that special friendship, and make lasting memories for both of you. 



August 3-10

Forward Edge teams to Haiti get to serve some of the most vulnerable children and families hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew in a small community called Vernet. Vernet is located just outside the city of Les Cayes in the southern region of Haiti. The devastation of Hurricane Matthew has made survival increasingly difficult for the 3,000 people that live here, and out of desperation, many parents have turned to the practice of restavek, giving their children away in a form of slavery.

Teams will have the opportunity to come alongside a local ministry to serve the children and their families, making a lasting impact on their lives.