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Our Mission:
Partnering with God to transform the lives of vulnerable children, disaster victims, and those who go to serve them.

Our Vision:
Vulnerable children cared for, disaster victims restored, and everyone involved with Forward Edge discovering and pursuing God’s plan for their lives.


Books by President and Founder, Joseph Anfuso

The Best Story of Your Life

Based on his own experiences and those of faithful people around him, Joseph Anfuso offers a unique perspective on the common question, "What's God's plan for my life?" The answer may be found in this: responding with faith and obedience to circumstances you did not anticipate or seek. Loaded with exciting stories of God working in the most unexpected ways, this book will inspire you and change how you see God revealing His plans for your life. Get your copy today!

Message in a Body

Message in a Body is the inspiring story of one ordinary man's struggle to find extraordinary purpose. Joseph candidly shares about the transformative journey that led him to Christ and a life in ministry. This book will inspire, encourage and remind you that God has an extraordinary purpose for all of us! Get your copy today!

Help Restore Hope to Nepal

Donate Now
to relief efforts in Nepal.

Join a team
to go serve those devastated
by the earthquake.


Equip Nicaraguans with Tools to Escape Poverty

Villa Esperanza is building a Life Skills Training Center for the girls in the program and their families. You can help needy children gain tools for their future today!