From the President: A Touching Letter from Nicaragua

Almost a year ago, Jennifer del Socorro joined Villa Esperanza (Hope Village), our program for at-risk girls in Nicaragua. She came from a neighborhood next door to the old Managua city dump, which is now a recycling plant where her step-father works sorting garbage.


President Note – Oct. 2016

As an investor in the mission of Forward Edge, you likely understand the difference between First World and Third World problems. By that, I mean you understand that much of what we in the developed world consider “hardships” are nothing compared to what millions of people face every day in developing countries. Yet even though I’ve spent decades traveling to some of the world’s poorest countries, it took a recent trip to Cuba to remind me of this reality.


Seven Keys to Effective Short-Term Missions Work

1 — Support programs that are directed, designed, and implemented by nationals.While there are worthy programs overseas directed by missionaries, it is best to support programs directed by nationals. Nationals know their own culture, and how to effectively function and minister within it. Indigenous church and government leaders, as well as program beneficiaries, also view programs…