Tips for Writing a Letter to Your Child

Writing to your sponsored child is so important, but it might sometimes be a little difficult to think of things to write–especially at first, when you’re just getting to know them. The following are some letter-writing tips that might help.

Social media can hurt rather than help child-sponsorship.

Why Can’t I Instant Message My Sponsored Child?

Social media today is one of the main ways people build relationships with each other. As a child sponsor, or a mission team member who’s thinking about sponsoring a child, you probably have the desire to build a lasting relationship with a child in need, and social media is a tempting outlet.


Nicaragua 101

All of your Villa Esperanza questions answered in one place!


Preparing to Go

Here you’ll find important documents, packing lists, and tips for fundraising.


Books By Our President

Message in a Body Born into a prominent political family in New York, Joseph Anfuso grew up in a world of privilege, prestige and high expectations. Disillusioned with the values and pressures of that world, he would set out on a journey of personal discovery that would take him from the streets of London and […]


Fundraising Tips for Your Mission Trip

Fundraising Tips Forward Edge International has sent over 1,400 mission teams over the past three decades. During that time, we’ve gathered a few tips common among those who’ve successfully raised funds for their trip. Fundraising not only helps support your trip financially, it also provides a way for your friends & family to share in […]

Processing the post-misssion blues

Processing the post-mission blues

After a short-term mission experience, it’s common for people to “nose dive” emotionally. This emotional letdown may last anywhere from one day to two weeks. Reasons include: sudden separation from new friends; abrupt re-immersion into the “mundane” activities and responsibilities of everyday life; an inability to effectively share with others what one has experienced. Returning […]