Our first completed Earth Block Home!

Silvia, Felipe and their six children had been living in an unsafe sheet-metal shack before they were selected as the first family to be blessed with a brand-new earth block home built by Forward Edge’s home-building business in Oaxaca, Mexico called Operation Enduring Homes.

Silvia and family’s home before and after.

A short-term mission team from Elevate Church worked alongside men from the community employed by Operation Enduring Homes to build this beautiful new home for the family of eight.

All six of Silvia’s children attend our program for at-risk children in Oaxaca, Mexico called Trigo y Miel, where they receive daily lunches, weekly bible-studies, tutoring, and medical care. Silvia also works in the kitchen at Trigo y Miel.

Dulce, Silvias daughter and a sponsored child through the Trigo y Miel program, stands in front of her new home, complete with a Christmas tree.

On behalf of Silvia and her family we’d like to say, “Muchas gracias!” to those of you who’ve supported, volunteered, or prayed for the construction of their new home!

Silvia and her family in front of their new home, mid-construction.

You can be a part of putting families in safe homes…every brick makes a difference!

Provide 100 Bricks Provide 250 BricksProvide 500 BricksBuild a Whole House (1,800 Bricks)

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