It’s not been long since Hurricane Matthew ravaged southwestern Haiti in October.

You may remember from watching the news that it killed more than 1,000 people and severely damaged more than 200,000 homes. It was the most powerful storm to hit Haiti in over 50 years.

“In many ways, the destruction is worse than it was from the 2010 earthquake.” – Pastor Jean Louighins, Forward Edge Partner in Haiti

But the news has now moved on to other stories and first responders are beginning to leave.

Let’s communicate to the Haitian people that we have not forgotten them.

Les Cayes, an area in the southern region of Haiti, was most devastated by the storm. Eighty percent of the crops were destroyed here, leaving countless people without resources for food. As immediate responders begin to leave, many families will be facing a severe food crisis. Additionally, due to severe flooding, most of the water in Les Cayes has been infected with cholera, leaving it unsafe to drink. Many families are in need of resources as they were left only with the clothes on their backs.

On December 3rd, Forward Edge’s first phase II disaster-relief team will arrive in Les Cayes. This team, along with others that follow, will focus initially on the distribution of food, safe drinking water, and clothing. They will also partner with local workers to begin the rebuilding of homes. And as with all Forward Edge teams, they will be ministering to people relationally through prayer and encouragement, helping restore hope to those who’ve lost so much.

The more funds we can raise, the more resources we can provide for suffering families through our relief teams.


On December 3-10, we sent our first disaster-relief team to Les Cayes. As team members traveled past destroyed houses and farms they noticed the desperate needs Haitians still have after Hurricane Matthew. Perhaps the most tragic after-effect of the storm are the thousands of children who have been displaced– either with their whole family, or left orphaned after the storm. 

In the midst of devastation, our disaster relief team was able to hand-deliver food to 40 families and clothing and shoes to 20 families. They also helped rebuild some of these family’s homes which had been devastated by the storm.

But perhaps the most important thing your support of our disaster relief efforts was able to bring to Haiti was hope.

Members of this team were able to share the Gospel with many families in Les Cayes, offer words of encouragement, and show them that they were not forgotten by God.

How you can help restore hope in Haiti:

  1. Pray for the country of Haiti.
  2. Give towards relief efforts through the button below. 

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