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Help People Rebuild Their Homes and Lives

Forward Edge has a rich history of Phase II disaster-recovery work, assisting disaster victims long after first responders have left. We focus on the long-term recovery effort for the most vulnerable – widows, elderly, single moms, low-income families, and others unable to rebuild on their own. Since 1992, more than 4,500 Forward Edge volunteers have come to the aid of more than 31,000 disaster victims in the U.S. and abroad.

Internationally, we limit our disaster-recovery work to locations where we have ongoing programs. In the event of a significant disaster in one of these locations, Forward Edge will mobilize volunteers and raise funds to assist those affected. Domestically, we mobilize volunteers and raise funds in response to major disasters that receive significant and sustained national media coverage.

You can help those in need after a major disaster through our disaster recovery fund.

Disaster Recovery Fund

On the morning of September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. It was the largest hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. 

Territory in 80 years, leaving the entire island without electricity and whole communities destroyed. Local authorities are saying it will take decades to rebuild. Thousands of Puerto Ricans are still living without electricity, safe water or reliable sources of food. More than 200,000 Puerto Ricans have fled the island since Maria struck to stay with friends and family on the mainland, but are anxious to return.

Forward Edge is working alongside the local church to help families rebuild their homes and lives. These families need hope and you can provide it.

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Hurricane Matthew

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti on October 4th, 2016, killing more than 1,000 people and severely damaging more than 200,000 homes. It was the most powerful storm to hit Haiti in over 50 years. Read more about Forward Edge’s Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in Haiti here.

The next morning, Matthew hit the eastern tip of Cuba and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes. Read more about Forward Edge’s Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in Cuba here.

Please join us in providing recovery funds to those devastated by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and Cuba.

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Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans, LA

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, more than 3,000 Forward Edge volunteers helped thousands of Katrina survivors return to their homes and places of worship.

Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines

3.8 million were left homeless after the largest storm in recorded history—Typhoon Haiyan—hit the Philippines in November, 2013. Forward Edge disaster-relief teams were able to provide much needed aid and spiritual care during the time of rebuilding after this tragic storm.

Hurricane Sandy – Long Island, NY

On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy tore through the U.S. East Coast. The storm was one thousand miles wide and impacted 13 states. Sandy killed over 120 people, destroyed entire neighborhoods, and caused upwards of $50 billion dollars in economic losses.

Forward Edge disaster-relief teams were able to meet many of the desperate needs of those affected by this storm.

2010 Earthquake – Haiti

On January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck just outside of Carrefour, Haiti. More than 230,000 people were killed and over one million were displaced, making Haiti the largest refugee camp in the world.

In partnership with Grace International, Forward Edge disaster-relief teams built desperately needed homes for families who had lost theirs in the earthquake.