Feed More Children in
Haiti During Crisis

Haiti is experiencing food shortages and run-away inflation.  The government has been locking down banks and businesses to control the gang violence in the country.  We have more children coming for meals than ever before, up to 226! And we will continue to feed all the children who come.

For $16,500, together we can feed all these children and bring 12 of them into our sponsorship program for the next year where they’ll receive nutritious meals, quality education, clean water, medical check-ups, and spiritual guidance. And if we raise more than that, we can help even more kids!

Will you join with us this Tuesday to make a difference for these children? 

This is Ronalson

Six people living in two rented rooms of a sheet metal ‘house’ with no electricity and no running water. Parents who are working all they can, but with the political turmoil, runaway inflation, and gang violence in Haiti, are unable to provide consistent meals or schooling for their children.  

Sadly, countless other children in Haiti share similar stories to Ronalson. 

But together, we can change that life of desperation into a life of hope for Ronalson and 11 more children in Haiti. We can give them nutritious meals, quality education, safe water, medical check-ups, spiritual discipleship and a place of belonging – we can change their lives.

Sponsor a Child in Haiti

Provide holistic care to a child in desperate need.

Will you help us feed more children in Haiti this Giving Tuesday?

Our goal is to raise $16,500 together, providing holistic care to 12 children for an entire year. And if we exceed $16,500, we can help even more. 

You can trust that you're making a real and lasting impact.


Only 15% of your gift to our programs will be set aside for administration and fundraising costs.


Our children’s programs have proven effective towards long-term, holistic transformation.


Your investment empowers credible nationals caring for their own people & community.


We help the most vulnerable disaster survivors return home (widows, low-income families, single moms, & the elderly).