Building Homes
in Kenya

This Giving Tuesday we’re raising funds to build as many homes as we can for children living in extreme poverty in Kijabe, Kenya. Each home costs $12,000. How many can we build?

Thanks to a generous donor matching the first $10,000, the first house funded turns into nearly two new homes for families in need!

Help children in Kenya get a warm home!

In the villages surrounding our program in Kijabe, children live in small, dirt-floor metal shacks or homes built with sticks and mud. They’re not sanitary or protected from bugs, rodents or severe weather. They get very cold in the harsh Kijabe winters, and cause the children to frequently get ill.

New safe homes

We have five families ready and waiting for their desperately-needed new home. We’ll be building concrete homes which are much warmer and more secure. They’ll also have five separate rooms including a bathroom and kitchen, which most of these families have never had before.

Will you help us get more children into safe homes this Giving Tuesday?

We need to raise $12,000 for each home. Every little bit helps. Together, let’s get more precious children in Kijabe into safe homes! And thanks to a generous donor, the first $10,000 donated will be MATCHED. Now’s your chance to double your impact to build even more homes!

You can trust that you're making a real and lasting impact.


Only 15% of your gift to our programs will be set aside for administration and fundraising costs.


Our children’s programs have proven effective towards long-term, holistic transformation.


Your investment empowers credible nationals caring for their own people & community.


We help the most vulnerable disaster survivors return home (widows, low-income families, single moms, & the elderly).