Living on Purpose: The Eternal Call to Meaning and Adventure

A 7-module e-course pastors can use to help believers put their faith into action. 

Accelerated Discipleship

Helping you cultivate disciples who actively pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

Community with a Purpose

Unify your church around a growing passion to be used by God.

Real, Practical Fruit

Practical tools to discern the “good works” God prepared for each person (Eph. 2:10).

I've taken the course myself and was deeply impacted by the depth and breadth of the journey it took me on. It's a standout resource for personal discovery and purposeful living. I look forward to passing this course on to others who are ready to live from the center of God's plan for each of them.

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Pastor Rick Vogt
Lead Pastor, Colossae Church Sherwood

Living on Purpose is more than an e-course and more than a curriculum for discipleship; it offers more than meaning and purpose in life. It's an instrument created by God to propel people directly into His story.

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Pastor Wendell Robinson
Senior Pastor, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church

The online course was truly life changing for me. It helped me to clearly see where God has brought me, how He has designed me, and what parts of my life are most important. The videos were very engaging, and the workbook encouraged me to dream big while equipping me with steps to take. I finished the course with excitement for the adventures God has planned for me.

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Melanie Kruse
Church Member

As a Mental Health Expert, I can tell you in my over 30 years of experience having a Strong personal mission is a key to long-term healing and recovery. I so enjoyed going through this exceptionally well-done program and the workbook was such a complete guide to step through the process. Thank you, Joseph, for putting your heart and soul into this work. It will change many lives.

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Dr. Gregory Jantz
The Center: A Place of HOPE
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As the founder of a Christian relief and development organization called Forward Edge International, Joseph Anfuso has spent the past four decades helping thousands of Jesus followers discover and pursue God’s purpose for their lives. This course is the most complete distillation of all he’s learned and experienced as a church leader and follower of Christ.

Hi, I’m Joseph Anfuso. Like many Jesus followers, and perhaps like you, I was serious about my Christian faith and desperately wanted to be used by God.

For many years, I tried to deepen my relationship with God by faithfully attending church services, reading my Bible daily, and praying often. For a time, I even lived communally with other committed Christians, joining in daily prayer meetings and Bible studies, as well as frequent trips into the street to share the gospel.

Most of the time, though, I felt like an invisible barrier was blocking me from having greater intimacy with God, from feeling as useful to Him and others as I wanted to be. It was deeply frustrating. And the months and years seemed to slip by with little or no progress.

It wasn’t until I experienced more of God’s love for me—and allowed Him to replace the lies I was believing about myself with His Truth—that things began to change. Not overnight, of course. But gradually I began to move forward. I took on more responsibilities in my home church, and was even ordained as an elder.

What I didn’t realize at the time, though, was that God had a more specific and personal calling on my life—one that fit me to a T. I didn’t know exactly where He was leading me, and I had to be willing to take “baby steps” along the way, but where I ended up exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only because of the positive impact this calling had on my life, but because of the impact it had on thousands of other lives, too.

That’s what inspired me to create this course: the deep conviction that what God did in my life is something He can do—and wants to do—in every Christian’s life.

You see, your life matters. You were designed by God to make a real and needed difference in the world. And by discovering and pursuing His unique plan and purpose for you, you can experience the same deep sense of meaning and fulfillment I have experienced in mine. That is the purpose of this course.

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