Session 1 - The Power of Story

Why Knowing You Story is Essential

Joseph shares his personal story to illustrate how all our stories contain “clues” that can help us discern God’s unique plan and purpose for our lives.
In this first session, you’ll have the opportunity to look more closely at your story as a first step toward seeing how your unique life experiences are actually one of the ways you’ve been equipped to pursue God’s unique purpose for your life. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the unique trials and painful experiences you’ve had to deal with in your life
  • Identify your unique “DNA”
  • Divide your personal story into “chapters”

Session 2 - Home At Last

Why Honesty and Vulnerability are Prerequisites to Discovering and Pursuing God’s Purpose for Your Life

Joseph completes his personal story. Once again, he does this to exemplify the kind of honesty and vulnerability you will need to experience a life rich with meaning and purpose.   
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the times when God showed up in your life in unexpected ways, at unexpected times
  • Understand and appreciate the roles that love, mercy, and grace played in you becoming a follower of Jesus
  • Identify specific “scenes” during each chapter of your story that shaped how you came to see yourself and what you came to believe about yourself

Session 3 - Unleashing Your Story

How to Overcome Toxic Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Exposing the way anger, resentment, self-pity, and comparing yourself with others can keep you from finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for your life.
Actions steps that will help you:
  • Identify areas of your life where you’ve struggled with anger, resentment and/or self-pity
  • Identify specific people you’ve compared yourself to, and as a result felt inadequate or “less than”
  • Name the positive ways you’re different from these people, and how God might want to use these qualities to have a positive impact on the lives of others
  • Identify the “limiting beliefs” that are holding you back from finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for your life

Session 4 - Wounded Healers

How to Experience More of God’s Love

How to position yourself to receive more of God’s love, without which you’ll never be able to find and pursue God’s unique purpose for your life.     

Action steps that will help you:
  • Contrast the flawed way your earthly father or mother expressed their love for you with the perfect love of your Heavenly Father
  • Identify the experiences, struggles, and/or personal traits you may think disqualify you from receiving God’s love
  • Identify, commemorate, and commit to memory the specific times God drew near to you to reveal His love

Session 5 - Knowing Your True Worth

Appreciating Your Intrinsic Value, and Discovering How God has Uniquely Gifted You to Serve and Bless Others
Every individual person has infinite worth. And God’s plan or strategy for the Church involves every member making his or her unique contribution. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Appreciate how you’ve been “fearfully and wonderfully made” by your Creator to fulfill a unique and needed purpose
  • Identify the everyday Jesus followers who’ve had a significant impact on your life
  • Identify the unique spiritual gifts God has given you
  • Write your “obituary”

Session 6 - The Importance of Vision

Living for Something Greater Than Yourself
The only way your life will have meaning is if you pursue a vision greater than yourself. Fulfilling that vision requires patience, perseverance, and an unfailing trust in God’s timing. It also requires a specific long-term, mid-term, and short-term vision.
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the specific human needs you deeply care about (Passion Profile)
  • Closely examine how you spend your time
  • Write your 5-year Vision 
  • Create your 10-Year Vision 

Session 7 - Living on the Forward Edge

How to Keep Saying “Yes” to God’s Plan for Your Life
God often reveals His plans for us through circumstances we didn’t anticipate or seek for—a phenomenon Joseph calls “serendestiny.” How we respond to these “serendestiny moments” directly relates to finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for our lives. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the times in your life when God unexpectedly invited you to follow Him into unknown territory, and how He used those “serendestiny moments” to reveal His plans for you
  • Create your 1-Year Vision
  • Identify the specific “baby steps” you’d need to take to pursue your 1-Year Vision
  • Reach out to people who are doing what you wish you were doing
  • Write your “Personal Mission Statement”
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