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Watch this video to see how lives are being transformed at Villa Esperanza. Will YOU be part of changing these lives? Watch more Join The Village videos.

What is Join The Village?

As the famous old African proverb says, “it takes a village to raise a child.” And that village needs to be larger when we’re talking about 30 girls living at our Villa Esperanza (Village of Hope) program who’ve come from some of the world’s most traumatic and impoverished environments (like living in a garbage dump).

But with the help from people like you, there’s no doubt God is producing incredible transformation through this village. You can literally see it in the photos of the girls. Look at these photos of Xochilt for example. The first photo was taken while she was living in the dump and the second is of her today.

Xochilt when she lived in the dump (left), and Xochilt today at Villa Esperanza.

What sets the Villa apart?

This program is special because of the level of care we offer. Most child sponsorship programs typically only cover the cost of a weekly meal, a Bible study, and occasional vaccinations. Or they just cover education.

The Villa offers daily food and lodging, quality education and tutoring, health care, counseling, and 24/7 discipleship. A world-renowned expert* in child-focused community development recently called the Villa: “The best program for vulnerable children I have ever seen.”

Holistic Care

This image gives you a snapshot of what the high-quality, comprehensive care looks like for the girls at Villa Esperanza. Watch our videos showing the difference each aspect of care has made in the life of a girl living at the Villa.

Your child sponsorship provides shelter, water, medical, vocational skills, life skills, safety, psychological, education, community service, nutrition, transportation, advanced education, families and spiritual care.

Will you Join The Village?

YOU can play a vital role in transforming the lives of these girls by doing one of the following. (Already a child sponsor? Consider sponsoring a second or adding more to your monthly sponsorship.)




See the transformations

These videos will take you into the Villa to see first-hand how each piece of care given changes lives. Each video documents an individual girl’s story along with a member of “the village” who’s responsible for providing that care. Ultimately though, it’s people like you stepping up to partner financially which makes this whole village possible.


Could you drink water with mosquitos in it? Or water so full of chemicals it appears white? This was the daily struggle Wendy endured before entering our program.



Pastor Ricardo and his wife, Leyda, provide spiritual care and guidance for girls like Elena. Before joining the Villa, Elena didn’t know the love of Jesus. Now, thanks to Pastor Ricardo and Leyda, she has Him in her heart.



Food insecurity plagues Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Young children, like Soledad, often get sick off of the unsafe food they eat. 



Transportation might not seem like a big deal, but having a safe ride could mean life or death for young girls in Nicaragua.


Community Service

Perla is an amazing example of how girls at the Villa are being taught to use their own special skills or gifts to give back to their own communities.



Jennifer, a psychologist at the Villa, provides mental healthcare for the girls.



Francis has seen first hand how Pastor Ricardo’s extra help has transformed her family.


Life and Vocational Skills

Susie teaches life and vocational skills to the girls at the Villa. These skills, such as cooking, cleaning, crafting, and more, enable girls like Betis to find work once they graduate.



Could you imagine not feeling safe in your own home and community? This was the daily struggle Elena endured. Now, Elena can relax knowing that security guards like Melvin are watching over her and all of the girls at Villa Esperanza. 


Advanced Education

At Villa Esperanza young women like Ileana have the opportunity to further their education—an opportunity that would in most cases be impossible for young people in Nicaragua.



Leyda ensures the health and wellness of each girl by scheduling their medical appointments. Thanks to these medical appointments and the rest of the care provided by the Villa program, more than Luisa’s hearing has improved—her life has, as well.



Jennifer describes how the education she receives is impacting her life, while Josenit, a tutor at the Villa, explains the love she has for her job and the girls she teaches and tutors every day.



Meet William, head of maintenance, who’s dedicated to providing reliable shelter for girls in our program, such as Xochilt. Before joining the Villa, Xochilt lived in a house made of tin and cardboard with her mother and siblings. 


Learn more about the Villa Esperanza program.

Ready to Join The Village?


*Dr. Ravi Jayakaran serves as the Senior Associate for Integral Missions for the Lausanne Movement. Over the years, he has managed programs for tens of thousands of at-risk children in India, China, and Cambodia.