Villa Esperanza


Since 2008, Villa Esperanza (which means Village of Hope) has been a holistic safe haven for girls rescued from abuse, neglect and trafficking in some of the poorest areas of Managua, Nicaragua. Since then, the Villa has grown into an integrated five-fold ministry. In Nicaragua, the repeated cycle of poverty is propelled by a one-in-three teen pregnancy rate, extremely high drop-out rates in school, and a desperate need for the Gospel to be shared openly and fervently. All five of the programs run through Villa Esperanza were created to directly target these root causes of poverty in Nicaragua in a holistic and Christ-centered way.



Girls Program

Providing a residential haven for bright, motivated young women coming from extremely difficult circumstances that would prevent them from flourishing. This exclusive live-in situation is designed to equip and empower young women with the potential to be future leaders and influencers in Nicaragua.


Boys Program

A quarterly, weekend discipleship camp for boys (as well as monthly one-day retreats) to provide vocational training, recreational activities, and a Christian mentoring atmosphere, teaching them life skills and how to become spiritual leaders in their families and communities. Read a Boy’s Story.


Scholarship Program

Providing boys and girls with necessary items for their education (uniforms, supplies, bus fares, etc.) and regular spiritual discipleship so they can pursue a quality education and a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.


VIDA Program

A poverty-prevention training program aimed at fighting Latin America’s highest teen pregnancy rate (30% become teen mothers), which many call the “door” to repeated poverty. This program teaches the Gospel and the value of sexual abstinence to thousands of teens in the Nicaragua public school system.


Community Development

Visiting Forward Edge mission teams invest in local schools, churches, and communities with maintenance and construction projects, evangelism, discipleship, and microlending. Local pastors are also trained in holistic ministry for their communities.




Empower the children in our program by giving monthly or one time.



Gather nine others and go serve the children in our program first-hand.

Bring vital resources to children and families in Nicaragua by giving to Join The Village.

Monthly giving to our Join The Village fund enables this program to have sustained impact in the lives of children and communities, but every donation makes a difference. To make a one-time donation select the arrows next to “Monthly” and select “One Time”.


Nicaragua Medical Needs

Public medical care in Nicaragua is inadequate, and private care is expensive. Giving to this fund helps us take good care of our staff so they can, in turn, take good care of the children and families in our program.

Micro Loan Program

In partnership with Neo-Fund, provide micro-lending opportunities that create lasting solutions to the urgent needs of vulnerable children and their families in Nicaragua.