Peterson Oaxaca Service Trip: Home Build Project

Together, let’s build a secure home for a family in the Oaxacan community.


Peterson’s Doyle Family is sponsoring 20 Peterson employees to join them in Oaxaca, Mexico to build a safe and secure home for a needed family in the Oaxacan community. A staggering 53.2% of people in Oaxaca, Mexico live in poverty. Most families are dealing with severe unemployment and poor education. This has entangled many families in a cycle of poverty nearly impossible to escape.

Because of this crushing poverty, families are forced to live in tin shacks, thrown together with whatever materials can be scavenged or purchased with the little money they have. In the hot months, these houses are like small ovens. In the winter, they are cold, with no insulation to keep warm.

Currently, Forward Edge has designated the Hernandez Family of six as the recipient of this home. They will be building alongside us. One of their daughters is blind, so they have additional challenges in their family life—this home will be an incredible blessing and enable them to care for her and their other children in ways they honestly can’t even imagine. Our goal is to raise up to $17,000 for this home, and the Doyle Family will generously match the donations.

The Hernandez Family