Frequently Asked Questions

Forward Edge - FAQsDoes my financial support go directly to my child?
Each month, Forward Edge pools the gifts of all sponsors who support children in the same program. These funds are then evenly dispersed to help all the children in the program regardless if they have a sponsor yet or not. As more sponsors are recruited, more children can be added to that program. We assign each sponsor a specific child because of the value we place on relationships when serving the poor. It means a lot to these children (and their families) to hear that their sponsor is praying for them and writing them letters. We’ve also found that the relationship provides a richer experience for the sponsor as well.  

Am I the only sponsor for my child?
You can be! The cost to cover the physical, educational and spiritual needs of a child in one of our non-residential programs requires three sponsorships ($114/mo). We realize not everyone can afford this monthly rate, so splitting it up into $38 increments allows for each non-residential child to have one, two or three sponsors. The cost for a child in our residential program (in Nicaragua) is much higher than that, allowing them to have many more sponsors.

Can I send letters and gifts to my child?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to write your child – that’s one of the most meaningful and influential aspects of sponsorship. Your child will write you two times a year, and will also reply to every letter you send. Feel free to also include small items that can fit in a first-class mailing envelope such as photos, poetry, stickers, etc. If you’d like to send a special gift (i.e. for a birthday or Christmas), we recommend a financial gift in the $20-$40 range. We encourage the gift to be financial so that items can be purchased on location, thereby lowering overhead costs and investing in the child’s local economy. Depending on the current needs, all special gifts will be used to either directly bless your child, his or her family, or a group of children in the program (including your child) on his/her behalf.  When giving any special gift, please indicate who the gift is for and the occasion in the notes section online, or in the memo line of a mailed check. All letters and gifts should be sent: Forward Edge International, Attention: Child Sponsorship [Name of Child], 15121-A NE 72nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA  98686.

How long will my child need a sponsor?
All children in Forward Edge programs are eligible to be sponsored as long as they comply with behavioral standards and are still enrolled in some form of education (primary school, secondary school, vocational school, university, etc.). If your sponsored child graduates and enters the workforce, or if he or she moves away from the program, you will be notified.

If I can’t sponsor right now, are there other ways I can help?
Most definitely! Thank you for your interest! If you cannot afford a $38/month sponsorship, you are welcome to give any amount to our Child in Need fund. Gifts to this fund help cover costs associated with children who are not fully sponsored, new children to the program, and unexpected additional needs of the children that may arise (and they often do!).