How Sponsorship Works



Child Sponsorship is an opportunity for a person like you to help care for and empower a vulnerable child.


How does the sponsorship process work?

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    Choose a boy or girl to sponsor with an ongoing commitment of at least $38 a month.

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    You’ll receive a sponsor kit which includes your child’s profile and photo. You’ll also receive quarterly updates on your impact and letters from your child!

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    You can build a relationship with your child by sending photos, emails, letters and cards. You can even visit your child on one of our many short-term mission trips!


What does my sponsorship provide?

Your sponsorship helps provide for your child’s physical, educational and spiritual needs. These needs are met differently depending on the community your child is in, but include things like:

Nutritious Meals
Health Care
Safe Drinking Water
School Tuition
An Opportunity to Hear the Gospel
Bible Training
Spiritual Mentorship



How is sponsoring through Forward Edge unique?

  • We specialize in quality mission trips, affording you the opportunity to visit face-to-face with your child.
  • Our programs are Christ-centered and have strong relationships with the local church.
  • We value personal communication with and support of our sponsors.
  • Our programs focus on education – the #1 factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Are you ready to change the world for a child?

Choose a child to sponsor

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