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We are Real Estate professionals breaking the mold in the industry by radically stepping up for children living in extreme poverty around the world. Give today to transform the lives of vulnerable children!

“Volunteering your time to support a cause you are passionate about is something you will never regret… Your hard times have uniquely prepared you to help someone else. Think about what you needed in a time of need, and be that person for someone who needs you!”

Joining Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) Transforms Lives Your Team Your Business


Countless children around the world are suffering from extreme poverty. We’re on a mission to change that. We support children’s programs in some of the world’s poorest communities, holistically fighting poverty through nutritious meals, safe drinking water, healthcare, and education. 


Founded by two of the nation’s top 1% Real Estate agents – the Nick Shivers Team in Portland, OR and Hatch Realty in Fargo, ND –  this program has proven to be an invaluable tool to grow and retain a thriving team of generous and motivated agents eager to make a positive impact in the world. 


Businesses are quickly learning that consumers care about making an impact in the world, and by standing for something, they build trust and loyalty with their clients. Leading companies like Nike, Apple, and Amazon donate millions every year to charities. Accelerate your growth and impact lives by becoming a for-purpose business! 

Why give internationally?

While we fully believe in local charity, we realize the extraordinary power the American dollar has in developing countries across the world. When the average family in an impoverished country lives off $1 a day, you can count on your donation making a world of difference for them. Government support systems we take for granted in the U.S simply do not exist in the countries we serve, so without our programs these children would literally miss meals, school, and an opportunity for a better future. 

Over $3.5 Million Raised

Since 2016, Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) Members have raised over $3.5 million for children living in poverty.

100% of SAHSAC donations go to Forward Edge International, a highly accredited 501(c)(3)  relief and development organization. 


We’ve done all the backend work to help inspire your team, and your clients, to do more and create lasting impact. 



100% of SAHSAC Membership fees go to Forward Edge International, a highly accredited 501(c)(3) relief and development organization.



Receive marketing tools you can use to promote your philanthropy and let people know that by doing business with you they are making a direct impact in the lives of children!



You will receive regular updates on the impact you’re making with great photos, videos and highlights designed for sharing on social media.

"Knowing that my small life is making a big impact by feeding and sustaining lives of children around the world brings me to tears and is as humbling as it gets."


Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) began when two Realtors, Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch, decided to inspire their colleagues to be part of transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Nick and Erik had both been supporters of Forward Edge International, and after serving on short-term mission trips, and seeing the children and communities devastated by material poverty firsthand, they put their heads together and created, in partnership with Forward Edge, Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC). 

Sell a Home, Save a Child Co-Founder

Nick Shivers Team | Portland, OR

Sell a Home, Save a Child Co-Founder

Hatch Realty | Fargo, ND

We Support Forward Edge International, a 501(c)(3)

Forward Edge’s programs for vulnerable children are located in Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Ghana. These programs help children trapped in poverty reach their full potential by meeting their basic needs (food, safe water, health care) and empowering them with quality education, vocational training, and spiritual mentorship. Through these children, impoverished communities will experience lasting transformation for generations to come. 

Ready to eXpand your Purpose?

eXperience the joy of knowing that your business is more than for-profit; it’s for-purpose. As you thrive, so will thousands of children in need around the world.