Are you listing your home?

Do you want a Realtor who’s not just in it for the sale?

We understand how frustrating the high costs of selling your home can be, and how hard it is to find a Realtor you like and trust. Selling your home is a significant event in your life, and you should have peace about the Realtor assisting you.

The good news is Forward Edge has a couple of generous monthly supporters who are also some of the top Realtors in the Pacific Northwest. As members of our Sell a Home, Save a Child program, Nick Shivers and Jeff Edmonson, are highly successful Realtors with proven track records who run businesses that are more than “for a profit”…they’re “for a purpose.”

Turn your commission cost into a tax-deductible gift.

Passionate about helping children, Nick and Jeff have decided to waive 100% of their commission on any house listing referred by Forward Edge in lieu of an equal donation to our children’s programs! That means if you list your home with either Nick or Jeff, not only will you get a top-notch experience selling your home, you’ll make a difference for impoverished children and receive a significant tax write off, all for no extra cash out of your wallet. It’s a no-brainer!

Here’s How it Works


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