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As a member of Sell a Home, Save a Child, every home bought or sold with us helps support vulnerable children!

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Meals and food packages served in 2023


Liters of safe drinking water distributed in 2023


Hours of education and tutoring provided in 2023

Our Why

Troy Daniels is the leader of TEAM TD, brokered by Baja Surf Realty. In 2016, Troy co-founded First Authority Realty in Folsom, California and obtained his real estate license in California the very next year. After retiring from a 35-year career as an air traffic controller, he achieved his life-long goal of “retiring” in Mexico and moved to Cabo San Lucas during the pandemic in the Spring of 2020. With his passion for helping others and strong leadership skills, he once again started building a team of real estate agents, this time in Mexico.

His passion for helping others is also what led him to sponsor a child in Kenya since 2006. “Being able to help someone on another continent and corresponding with them on a regular basis was extremely rewarding yet humbling at the same time.”

After hearing about Sell a Home, Save a Child, Troy realized there’s a way to give back even more. “By joining forces with Sell a Home, Save a Child, our team can continue focusing on helping people in real estate locally, while simultaneously giving back to others globally! It is a perfect, win-win situation.”

In addition to leading his team and helping others, Troy enjoys reading, exercising, sailing, traveling, fine-dining, and listening to live music.

Here's how you can be part of this remarkable journey:

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When you partner with us for your real estate needs, you’re not only investing in property; you’re investing in transforming lives.
Share our mission with your friends and family. Together, we can magnify our impact and reach even more families in need.
Stay updated on our website and social media channels as we share stories, updates, and the progress we make in supporting Forward Edge.
If our mission inspires you, we are always looking for new agents on our team and partners worldwide; lastly, consider direct involvement with Forward Edge or similar organizations making a difference.


Countless children around the world are suffering from extreme poverty. We’re on a mission to change that. We support children’s programs in some of the world’s poorest communities, holistically fighting poverty through nutritious meals, safe drinking water, healthcare, and education in Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Ghana.

Why we give internationally

While we fully believe in local charity, we realize the extraordinary power the American dollar has in developing countries across the world. When the average family in an impoverished country lives off $1 a day, you can count on your donation making a world of difference for them. Government support systems we take for granted in the U.S simply do not exist in the countries we serve, so without our programs these children would literally miss meals, school, and an opportunity for a better future. 

Over $3.5 Million Raised

Since 2016, Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) Members have raised over $3.5 million for children living in poverty.

100% of SAHSAC donations go to Forward Edge International, a highly accredited 501(c)(3)  relief and development organization. 


By investing in children, we’re impacting the world today and building a brighter tomorrow. 100% of Sell a Home, Save a Child donations go to Forward Edge International, a highly accredited 501(c)(3) relief and development organization. 

Ready to eXpand your Purpose?

eXperience the joy of knowing that your business is more than for-profit; it’s for-purpose. As you thrive, so will thousands of children in need around the world.

We Support Forward Edge International, a 501(c)(3)

Forward Edge’s programs for vulnerable children are located in Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Ghana. These programs help children trapped in poverty reach their full potential by meeting their basic needs (food, safe water, health care) and empowering them with quality education, vocational training, and spiritual mentorship. Through these children, impoverished communities will experience lasting transformation for generations to come.