Friendship in Nicaragua

A year ago, I started sponsoring a kid who I hardly knew. Now I have a deep friendship with a 15 year old Nicaraguan girl.


Sponsorship Receives $40,000 Matching Grant

A donor has generously provided a matching grant of $40,000 toward every new child sponsor in 2016. This means that when a child sponsor comes on board it’s as though they’re sponsoring two children, not just one. Child sponsors help provide nutritious meals, safe drinking water, healthcare, education and spiritual care. They can also have […]


God’s Love for Maria

I remember seeing Don Rodriguez walking little Maria Del Carmen to school in the dump. He cared for her like a daughter even though they were unrelated and he looked more like her grandfather.


Beauty from Ashes – Iliana’s Story

Gloria introduced Iliana to Forward Edge International’s President Joe Anfuso and Gary Eckelman, a Portland architect that Joe had invited to join him on the trip to Nicaragua. It was Gary’s first visit to the Managua city dump, Iliana’s home. As Gloria spoke with Iliana, Gary couldn’t help but notice this skinny but beautiful 14-year-old’s […]

How one boy's faith should change ours

How one boy’s faith should change ours

On February 16th, one boy in Haiti had his entire world change. That was the day Mackendy Joseph fell on a stray piece of rebar in his underdeveloped home puncturing his bowels and kidney. After the incident, Mackendy was placed in a hospital for nearly two months and was forced to use medical devices each […]