Plan Your 2020 Mission Team
Plan Your 2020 Mission Team
Plan Your 2020 Mission Team


Help Children

Make a difference by helping under-privileged children reach their full potential!

Help Disaster Survivors

Make a difference by helping victims of natural disasters rebuild their homes and lives.

Mission Trips

Make a difference by joining or sending a short-term team that supports long-term initiatives.

5 Tips for Writing Your Child Consistently

I just returned from a mission trip to our child sponsorship program in El Cobre, Cuba and spent several days with not only my sponsored child but some of yours as well! What a joy to see them face to face, hug them, and to share some quality time. One of the things that I was really struck by on this visit was the huge importance children place on communication from their sponsors. I already ...

Laying Down Your Rights

We've just emerged from the thick of Team Season here at Forward Edge, and it is always one of the most exciting and inspiring times ...