Processing the post-misssion blues

Processing the post-mission blues

After a short-term mission experience, it’s common for people to “nose dive” emotionally. This emotional letdown may last anywhere from one day to two weeks. Reasons include: sudden separation from new friends; abrupt re-immersion into the “mundane” activities and responsibilities of everyday life; an inability to effectively share with others what one has experienced. Returning […]

7 keys to effective short term mission trips

Seven Keys to Effective Short-term Missions Work

1 — Support programs that are directed, designed, and implemented by nationals.While there are worthy programs overseas directed by missionaries, it is best to support programs directed by nationals. Nationals know their own culture, and how to effectively function and minister within it. Indigenous church and government leaders, as well as program beneficiaries, also view programs…


Fundraising Support Letter

Fundraising: Support Letters Letters are VITAL. If you have to choose between letters and events, choose letters. Here’s why: They work. People love to see others serve, and they will respond. Even if they might not go themselves, they can be a part of your experience. Send it to Christians and non-Christians alike. Share WHY […]