Forward Edge partners with local ministries in different countries and the U.S. Taking a short-term mission team with your church, school, or another group, means being part of a long-term plan to empower vulnerable children and families. No matter which location you choose to serve in, you’ll be bringing the love of Jesus to those in most need. Listed below are all the Forward Edge locations and ministries you can partner with next year!


Cuba has suffered under communist rule for more than 60 years. As an atheist state, all religious activity has been monitored, and the spread of Christianity has grown primarily through house churches. Most Cubans are employed by the state, receiving an average monthly salary of just $20. 

Our Partners: Alex Suerio is the lead pastor of El Cobre Baptist Church and a well-networked member of the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention. Gabriel Lopez, our Program Coordinator in Cuba, is a local missionary and church leader working with Pastor Alex and other local pastors.

Gabriel and his wife, Leidis
Pastor Alex and his family

Our Program: Because income levels are restricted by the government, families struggle to have enough food, especially for their growing children. One of the major ways the gospel advances in Cuba is through house churches that provide feeding programs accompanied with spiritual discipleship. Forward Edge runs one such program for more than 100 children through El Cobre Baptist Church near Santiago, Cuba’s second largest city.

Trip Fees: $995 per person

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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Over the last decade, natural disasters have left thousands of families displaced and countless children orphaned. They suffer from severe poverty, polluted water, extreme malnutrition, difficult access to education, and many children are trapped in a form of domestic slavery called restavek.

Our Partners: Jean Chavannes Jeune is a pastor, evangelist, former presidential candidate, and missionary widely known and respected in the nation of Haiti. He has served vulnerable Haitian children for more than 40 years, and has participated in the creation and administration of many organizations and institutions in Haiti geared for social and economic development.

Pastor Jean Chavannes Jeune
Pastor Chavannes Jeune

Our Program: Through Philadelphia Baptist Church in Vernet, Haiti, Forward Edge runs a child-focused community development program that provides regular, nutritious meals, tutoring support, and spiritual discipleship to more than 100 children, many of whom are at risk of suffering under the restavek system.

Trip Fees: 6-day trip: $995 per person, 7-day trip: $1,165 per person

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The majority of Kenyans are children. Approximately 500 people pass away every day in Kenya due to AIDS, contributing to a very high orphan rate. Kenyans suffer from extreme poverty, especially in the rural areas, due largely to a corrupt government, significant national debt, and devastating droughts, floods, and famines.

Our Partners: Mama Beth has been serving vulnerable and orphaned children in Kijabe for decades, even bringing some of the orphans into her home. Her daughter, Jane Wathagana, directs this program now and is a well-respected business owner in Nairobi.

Jane Wathagana

Our Program: Children in the rural area of Kijabe, Kenya (many of whom are AIDS orphans) suffer from severe poverty, malnutrition, and unsafe drinking water. They often have to walk miles barefoot for their education.

Our program, called Mama Beth’s, provides more than 50 children with regular, nutritious meals, safe drinking water, healthcare, tuition support, and spiritual instruction. We also provide consistent support to a local primary school, Kiambogo, attended by more than 300 children.

Trip Fees: $1,860 per person

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Oaxaca is among the poorest states in Mexico. Three out of four people here lack access to basic necessities like food, safe water, education, and healthcare. Children in Oaxaca are often forced by their struggling families to drop out of school by the third or fourth grades to pursue low-paying jobs, trapping them in an endless cycle of poverty. This cycle often brings with it drug use, gang membership, and teen pregnancy.

Our Partners: Victor and Lety Velasco are the Directors of Trigo y Miel. They have more than 15 years of pastoral experience, and Victor serves as the President of the Olimpo Community Council.

Victor and Lety Velasco

Our Program: Since 2011, Forward Edge has operated Trigo y Miel (Wheat and Honey), a child-focused, community development program in the materially poor community of Olimpo. Trigo y Miel provides more than 100 children with regular, nutritious meals, safe drinking water, health care, tutoring, and spiritual discipleship. In 2017, Forward Edge also launched a home-building ministry/business called Operation Enduring Homes that provides jobs and safe, affordable earth-block homes to struggling families.

Trip Fees: $895 per person

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Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The teen pregnancy rate (25%) is the highest in Latin America and is a leading cause of material poverty. In the capital city of Managua, a community of nearly 2,000 once lived in or around one of Latin America’s largest open-air garbage dumps struggling to survive off the garbage. Many young girls living in the dump were also preyed on by older men or even forced into prostitution to the truck drivers bringing in the garbage.

Our Partners: Gloria Sequeira and Wilbert Alvarado are Forward Edge’s Country Directors in Nicaragua. Gloria is a former school principal, and for many years Wilbert was a prominent leader of Nicaragua’s sexual purity movement. The Directors of the Villa Esperanza Girls’ Program, Ricardo and Leyda Hernandez, were elders and pastors at Verbo Church in Managua for 30 years.

Pastor Ricardo and Leyda Hernandez
Wilbert Alvarado
Gloria Sequeira

Our Program: Villa Esperanza (Village of Hope) is a home for 30 at-risk girls in Managua, many of whom came from the garbage dump. This holistic program offers daily food and lodging, quality education, healthcare, counseling, tutoring, and 24/7 discipleship.

Trip Fees: $915 per person

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Houston, TX

Hurricane Harvey is a national tragedy. It was the greatest rainfall event ever in the continental United States, leaving 60 people dead, more than one million displaced, and damages that are expected to exceed $150 billion—more than Hurricane Katrina. 

Our Partners: We will be working with strong church partners in the Northeast Houston area. A retired U.S. Army colonel and his wife with disaster response experience in the Gulf Coast, Haiti, the Philippines, and Nepal will serve as our initial field coordinators.

Our Program: Forward Edge has more than 25-years of experience in disaster relief work, including long-term recovery efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Our initial focus will be assisting the most vulnerable: widows, seniors, single moms, and low-income families.

Trip Fees: $495 per person

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Puerto Rico

On the morning of September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. It was the largest hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. Territory in 80 years, leaving the entire island without electricity and whole communities destroyed. Local authorities are saying it will take decades to rebuild. Thousands of Puerto Ricans are still living without electricity, safe water or reliable sources of food. More than 200,000 Puerto Ricans have fled the island since Maria struck to stay with friends and family on the mainland, but are anxious to return.

Teams will have the opportunity to work alongside the local church and help families rebuild their homes and lives. Regardless of your skill set, together we can provide the free labor needed to clean up, gut homes, install roofs, and assist the community in rebuilding their homes. Our initial focus will be assisting the most vulnerable: widows, seniors, single moms, and low-income families living in the rural interior of the island. These families need hope and you can provide it.

Our Partners: We will be working alongside Pastor Rolando who has built strong relationships with many people in the community of Ponce.

Our Program: Forward Edge has more than 25-years of experience in disaster relief work, including long-term recovery efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Our initial focus will be assisting the most vulnerable: widows, seniors, single moms, and low-income families.

Trip Fees: $595 per person

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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore statistically ranks high among U.S. cities for issues of drug use, child poverty, violence, gang activity, sex trafficking and teen pregnancy. Many youths suffer from a sense of hopelessness, despair, and lack of purpose.

Our Partners: Pastor Brian Zimmerman and his wife Carol have a dream of growing a ministry that spreads throughout Baltimore and eventually includes a Christian school, a state-of-the-art athletic complex, and a residential treatment center.

Pastor Brian and Carol Zimmerman

Our Program: Forward Edge teams are partnering with local ministries called The Transformation Center and Lilie’s Place to help meet these pressing needs. The Transformation Center serves those stuck in the cycle of poverty, which often includes addiction, educational deficiencies, and lack of a spiritual compass. Lilie’s Place offers low-income community members food and clothing. These ministries are committed to making a lasting difference in the local community and beyond. 

Trip Fees: $695 per person

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