Mexico Field Coordinator, Tom Hogan, stands next to the new Earth Block machine.


With the help of partners like you, we’ve been able to purchase a new Earth Block machine! We’re excited to see all the ways this simple machine will change lives of those living in extreme poverty in Oaxaca. Pray with us that we can continue to raise the funds for all the extra start-up business costs.
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A staggering 53.2% of people in Oaxaca, Mexico are living in poverty. Most families are dealing with severe unemployment and poor education. This has entangled many families in a cycle of poverty nearly impossible to escape. Because of this crushing poverty, families are forced to live in tin shacks, thrown together with whatever materials can be scavenged or purchased with the little money they have. In the hot months, these houses are like small ovens. In the winter, they are cold, with no insulation to keep warm.

Currently, Forward Edge’s program in Oaxaca, Mexico, called Trigo y Mielserves many of the immediate needs of the community through a feeding program, tutoring, and bible studies. And we now have a plan to combat the housing and employment crises plaguing the community.

Earth Blocks

Compressed Earth Block is a proven, highly developed technology being used to build thousands of homes in Central and South America, and many parts of Africa. Earth Block machines can make durable, safe building blocks out of dirt, clay, sand, and only 8% cement. Houses can actually be made out of the same dirt that was excavated for their foundation, and can be built within days. This process is more economical than standard building methods, yet it exceeds the United States’ strength requirements. Earth block walls are soundproof, fireproof, bulletproof, bug-proof, and mold-proof. This spells safe homes for the children and families of our Trigo y Miel community.

Operation Enduring Homes

Forward Edge has secured the funds to purchase an Earth Block machine to start building sustainable homes for families served by the Trigo y Miel program. However, more funds are needed in order to invest in a self-sustaining Earth Block manufacturing and construction company called Operation Enduring Homes. The Earth Block business will not only satisfy the community’s immediate need for housing, but will also work against the cycle of poverty by supplying jobs, training, and long-term economic development. This will empower community members to lift themselves out of poverty.


Creating Earth Block homes will also open up many new opportunities to share the love of God with the local community. Jesus likens our spiritual journey to building a house on solid rock (Matthew 7:24-27). The vision and prayer of the Earth Block project is to build a solid foundation of ministry in Oaxaca by reaching out to families and holding bible studies with community members and construction workers. This project will open doors into the homes and hearts of many people struggling with extreme material poverty.
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