Walter Experiences Love and a Miracle

Walter Simón and his family have attended “Valley of Blessing” Baptist Church (where our Cuba children’s program is located) in El Cobre, Cuba for over 17 years.

Walter’s two children, one four years old and the other one of three years old, really like vegetables. 

While in the church with his children and the pastor, they saw the garden, where the vegetables grow vigorously. Both children exclaimed; “Lettuce, lettuce, Daddy!” And they asked their father; “When will we eat lettuce, Daddy?” The church pastor, knowing the critical food situation in the area, gave them a bundle of lettuce and two squashes. 

Walter expressed gratitude to the Lord and to the pastor. He told the pastor that that afternoon he had nothing for dinner at home. He considered that was a miracle from God. To which the pastor responded that thanks to Forward Edge, the church had managed to grow those vegetables and that it was a pleasure to be able to share with them. 


Ileana’s Letter

Ileana has been in our Nicaragua children’s program for the last eight years. Our team has poured into her heart, spirit, and education, and she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman of God. Her life hasn’t been easy, but as you’ll read in her letter, she has learned to

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disaster recovery

Team Shows Love After Hurricane Harvey

Three Team Members, a piece of cake, and Miss Bonnie It had been three days, and none of us had met Miss Bonnie. “We could see this small shed on the property as we were working, but weren’t sure if someone was actually in there. And then we heard that

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Discovering His Worth: Medardo’s Story

“If I look back and see what I was, I can see a nefarious, and even a little perverted, young man. I was someone aimless, without knowledge and without any foundation.” Medardo grew up in an open-air garbage dump called La Chureca in Managua, Nicaragua, and then later, in Villa

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child sponsorship

This is What Success Looks Like

A special message from our Program Directors in Mexico, Victor and Lety Velasco: Hola and Feliz Navidad from Forward Edge and our program down here in Oaxaca, Mexico. We want to tell you a story of the impact you’re making. One of the first families to join our program 10

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Transform a Child's Life Through Sponsorship

Ka wula (hello), my name is Fatima

  • location


  • 15 yrs. old


Entered the program: March 2023

Fatima lives with her mother in a one-bedroom house built with mud and roofed with thatch. The community has access to electricity and potable water but Fatima’s mother cannot afford to pay for it, so they are not connected to these services. There is lack of good sanitation in the community which poses a health hazard.

Fatima’s family is Muslim. Her father is deceased and her mother sells red pepper in the local market but barely earns a dollar a day. Keeping Fatima in school is challenging and, without assistance, her ability to continue would be affected.

Sponsorship Level What's this?

Three $38 sponsorships are needed to cover the complete holistic care of one child. Cover one, two, or three sponsorships.