child-focused community development


The recent improvement of relations with the U.S. has provided a historic opportunity to support the work of the Church in Cuba which has exploded in recent years. Thirty years ago, 1% of the population attended weekly services, by 2004 that number reached 20%, and the growth since has been described as “miraculous”, akin to biblical times; the more resistance God’s people faced, the faster the Church grew. 

Many families live off around $20 per month. Parents have difficulty providing for their children, and many go to bed hungry each night. That’s why our program is so critical.

We’re currently serving around 140 children in Cuba, providing them with a weekly nutritious meal, tutoring assistance, and spiritual instruction. Most importantly, we’re teaching them about God’s love, guiding them on their path to follow Jesus, and helping them to realize their full God-given potential.

By supporting the work of the Church in Cuba, we’re not only providing practical assistance to those in need but also offering a message of hope and love that transcends material circumstances.

Bring vital resources to children and families in Cuba

Monthly giving enables our programs to have sustained impact in the lives of children and communities, but every donation makes a difference. To make a one-time donation select the arrows next to “Monthly” and select “One Time”.