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After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and the suppression of Christianity, Cuba became a predominantly atheistic state. In recent times, the practice of Santeria, a blend of Afro-Caribbean voodoo and Catholicism, has become popular and pervaded the society. Simultaneously, however, God’s Church in Cuba has exploded. Thirty years ago, 1% of the population attended weekly services, by 2004 that number reached 20%, and the growth since has been described as “miraculous”, akin to biblical times; the more oppression God’s people faced, the faster the Church grew. 

The recent improvement of relations with the U.S. has provided a historic opportunity to support the work of the Church in Cuba. Due to heavy economic regulations, most of the country suffers from extreme poverty. The majority of people are employed by the state and earn the equivalent of $20 per month. Parents struggle to provide for their families; food is scarce and children go hungry. 

Our program serves approximately 140 children in Cuba at a church-led program. They are provided with a weekly nutritious meal, tutoring assistance, and spiritual instruction. Most importantly, they are learning how loved they are by God, being taught how to follow Jesus, and are being helped to realize their full, God-given potential. 

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