Haiti Needs Our Help

Haiti is in upheaval from gang violence, government collapse, escalating inflation, and rampant food shortages. Your gift today will help us care for the vulnerable children and families in our program, and provide hope during this desperate time. 

Gang violence has overrun the country, so food is scarce, and safety is even more scarce. The port is closed, the main airports are closed, and hospitals and businesses are closed more than they are open. According to international sources, many in the capital of Port-a-Prince are on the brink of famine. 
Praise God our staff as well as the children and families we serve have been safe. Our feeding program has continued with some interruptions – it is so vital as we are feeding more children than ever. It provides help and hope during these desperate times.  

Our program has some specific and immediate needs: 

  • Due to skyrocketing food prices, we need approximately $690 more per month to feed all the children, which is $5,500 through the rest of this year.
  • Since more children have joined, we need two more tables and 12 more benches for the feeding program, which will cost $1,400.
  • As soon as it is safe (likely at school break), we want to deliver food packages to the 80 families of the children and staff.  
    • Each food package is $110, totaling $8,800, and provides each family with a month of food.  
    • The food packages have rice, mackerel, spaghetti, cooking oil, beans, sugar, and laundry soap. 

Here are ways you can pray:

  • Please pray for continued safety for all the children, families, and staff at our program in Vernet. 
  • Our Program Director, Pastor Chavannes Juene, comes to the U.S. monthly for kidney treatment. He needs to make a trip soon, but currently, there are no flights. Please pray for doors to open and funds to be provided to get him this needed treatment. 
  • Please pray for the staff to find the food necessary to feed the children and for Forward Edge to have the funds to cover the increased costs. 
  • Please pray that the program will be able to operate consistently; that the staff will be able to travel and gather with the children. 
  • Please pray that God would change the hearts of the gang leaders and members – that they would seek Him and seek to bring peace to their land. 
  • Please pray for wisdom for the regional coalition, CARICOM, who are helping to create a transitional presidential council and free elections. 
  • Please pray for revival through the church in Haiti – that the fire of the Holy Spirit would burn in the hearts of believers to share the love of Jesus with all and to stand strong on His Word. 

Nothing that happens in our programs is possible without people like you in the Forward Edge Family. We are so grateful for your continued love, care and prayers for the children of Haiti and all of Forward Edge.  

Thank you for giving and interceding with us once again on their behalf. 

Hep Us Care For Children

Your gift today will help us care for these vulnerable children and families, and provide hope during this desperate time.