Serving in the U.S.

Many people love the opportunity to travel to another country and provide help and hope to the materially poor in another culture. Others feel called to serve the materially poor at home here in the United States.

Baltimore, MD ranks statistically high among U.S. cities in issues of child poverty, drug use, violence, gang activity, sex trafficking, and teen pregnancy.

Forward Edge has developed a partnership with The Transformation Center—a holistic community center that focuses on alleviating material, emotional, and spiritual poverty in one of Baltimore’s most marginalized communities.



Mission Trips to Baltimore

Support a vibrant, inner-city ministry reaching out to impoverished children, families and the homeless.

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An unparalleled missions experience for students.

Baltimore is the perfect location for middle and high school students because it exposes them to poverty and real-life difficult situations happening right here in America, and doesn’t require a passport, vaccinations or long flights.

This trip ignites a heart of servanthood and hunger within our teams to help fellow Americans living in poverty. Recent youth teams have come back with meaningful stories of salvation among their students and in the people they served.


Pastor Brian and Carol Zimmerman

Partners in Baltimore

Pastor Brian Zimmerman and his wife Carol had a dream of birthing a ministry that would spread throughout Baltimore and would include starting a school, building a state-of-the-art athletic complex, a residential treatment center, and anything else that could be used as a tool for reaching more lives for Christ!

Statistics reveal a grim reality within the city. Baltimore ranks high among U.S. cities for issues such as drug use, child poverty, violence and gang activity, sex trafficking and teen pregnancy. Many youth suffer a sense of hopelessness, despair and lack of purpose. Baltimore is a city in great need.

The Transformation Center in the heart of Baltimore offers programs that meet these pressing needs. It serves the hungry, those stuck in the cycle of poverty, addiction, surviving with educational deficiencies, and living without a spiritual compass. The Transformation Center is committed to making a lasting difference in the local community and beyond.

Sheri Stanley

Senior Mobilization Officer

Team Coordinator

Hi! I’m Sheri, the Baltimore Team Coordinator. I look forward to working with you to plan your life-changing week in Baltimore!

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