Share the Love of Jesus with Vulnerable and Orphaned Children

Children in Kijabe, Kenya are living in some of the worst conditions on our planet. Many have been orphaned by AIDS and suffer from extreme malnutrition and preventable, water-borne illnesses.

Most families cannot afford to send their children to school, and for those who can, it often requires miles of walking barefoot to get there. This is especially dangerous for girls. With help from people like you, we’re providing these at-risk children with nutritious meals, safe drinking water, medical care, school tuition and emotional support. Most importantly, we’re showing them how loved they are by God, teaching them to follow after Christ, and helping them realize their full, God-given potential.

Our program for children in Kijabe – Mama Beth’s – is named after a woman who cared for children in this area for decades. Mama Beth’s daughter, Jane Wathagana, is now director of the Forward Edge Children’s Program in Kenya. 

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Children in Kijabe, Kenya are facing seemingly insurmountable odds, but with the knowledge of Jesus they have hope for a bright future.

Kenya Program Director

Jane Wathagana

Director of Mama Beth's Children's Program

Jane is a native Kenyan who was born in Kijabe. Her family didn’t have much. Clothes and food were scarce as her mother was a single parent raising 12 children. Her passion for children really grew once her mother, Mama Beth, could no longer take care of the children in her program. Since 2006, she has overseen the ministry at Mama Beth’s and taking care of the roughly 70 children in the program. Jane loves to see the growth of young people and she believes in the potential they have.  

What drew you to the mission of Forward Edge?  I was drawn to the mission of Forward Edge because of their focus on vulnerable children. In addition to this, Forward Edge believes just as I do that education is the key to rescuing lives from poverty.

If you could have dinner with any person in history (excluding Jesus) who would it be and why? Nelson Mandela. He believes the same thing as I do. That education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. That’s why I’m so passionate about changing the poor conditions of our local schools and creating a space where the children can get quality education.

What is something about you others are often surprised to learn? That despite a successful business, I have chosen to work with the poor and vulnerable.

Team Coordinator

Sheri Stanley

Director of Operations & Mobilization


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