A Dream to Rescue Girls

Our residential program for girls in Nicaragua, Villa Esperanza (Village of Hope), was established in 2008 as a response to the urgent situation many girls were facing living in Nicaragua’s largest open-air landfill. These girls were exposed to extreme filth and severe malnutrition, at risk of physical abuse, rape, drug abuse, pregnancy, and were sometimes sold into prostitution by their family for first access to incoming garbage.

Villa Esperanza was created to give these girls an opportunity to live in a safe, supportive environment, get healthy, learn life-skills, get an education and pursue a career – something that for many would’ve only been a dream. Since the Villa opened, more than 70 girls have been rescued, introduced to Jesus and the healing power of the Gospel, and offered the chance to fulfill their God-given potential!


A Growing Vision For Villa Esperanza

As other needs in the community have arisen, Villa Esperanza has sought to meet them. Here are all the ways Villa Esperanza ministers in Nicaragua. 

Scholar's Program

Providing teenage boys and girls with necessary items for their education (uniforms, supplies, bus fares, etc.) and regular spiritual discipleship so they can pursue a quality education and a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Discipleship for Boys

A twice-annual, five-day discipleship camp for boys (as well as monthly one-day retreats) to provide vocational training, recreational activities, and a Christian mentoring atmosphere, teaching them life skills and how to become spiritual leaders in their families and communities.

Girl's Program

Providing a residential haven for bright, motivated young women coming from extremely difficult circumstances that would prevent them from flourishing. This exclusive live-in situation is designed to equip and empower young women with the potential to be future leaders and influencers in Nicaragua.

Creating Positive Relationships

A poverty-prevention training program aimed at fighting Latin America’s highest teen pregnancy rate (30% become teen mothers), which many call the “door” to repeated poverty. This program teaches the Gospel and the value of sexual abstinence to thousands of teens in the Nicaragua public school system.

Community Outreach

Visiting Forward Edge mission teams will continue to invest in local schools, churches, and communities with maintenance and construction projects, evangelism and discipleship.

Future Tutoring Program

Plans are being made to begin regular discipleship, tutoring, and health check-ups to local primary school-aged boys and girls at the Villa campus.

Nicaragua Program Directors

Gloria Sequeira

Director of Forward Edge Nicaragua

Gloria started working with Forward Edge in 2000, she worked as team coordinator where she hosted teams and managed projects. Gloria married her husband, Wilbert, in 2006. Gloria and Wilbert, along with their two kids Jacob and Naomi serve at the Villa Esperanza — a home for girls at risk. Her passion is for girls and what the Lord has in store for them. Gloria and Wilbert both live in Managua, Nicaragua overseeing the Villa Esperanza.         

What drew you to the mission of Forward Edge? I was drawn to work with Forward Edge because I learned through them that God uses ordinary people like me to do extraordinary things, the simplicity to serve God using what we have and the truth of being ourselves in the process.

If you could have dinner with any person in history (excluding Jesus) who would it be and why? Dinner with my dad who is no longer alive. He taught me so many things, but I still have so many questions for him.                 

What is something about you others are often surprised to learn? I have a sense of humor; people think I don’t have one.

Wilbert Alvarado

Director of Forward Edge Nicaragua

Wilbert and Gloria met in 2003 and got married in 2006. Gloria has a passion for children, Wilbert has a passion for youth. Both had a dream to serve their country and to use their talents to help those most in need. They both helped start Villa Esperanza with Forward Edge in 2008. Wilbert helps oversee a program called Creating Positive Relationships (CPR) for the youth around the Managua region.      

What drew you to the mission of Forward Edge? I was drawn to work with Forward Edge because I am empowered to not only help the girls at the Villa but to serve the communities and schools around us. Forward Edge has helped me be light and salt to Nicaragua.  

If you could have dinner with any person in history (excluding Jesus) who would it be and why? Mother Teresa. I would have so many questions to ask her. She gave so much and had so little.  

Team Coordinator

Sheri Stanley

Director of Operations & Mobilization


Hi! I’m Sheri, the Nicaragua Team Coordinator. I look forward to working with you to plan your life-changing week in Nicaragua!

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