Oaxaca, Mexico

Building Safe Homes

We’re providing families who live in hazardous sheet-metal shacks with secure block homes, giving children a safe environment to grow and thrive.

Why Block Homes?

Over 50% of people in Oaxaca are living in extreme poverty. Most families here grapple with severe unemployment and limited access to education, trapping them in an unyielding cycle of poverty.

Families are forced to assemble tin shacks, using materials scrounged or bought with meager funds. These flimsy structures offer scant protection against the sweltering heat of summer and the biting cold of winter. 

These one- or two-room shacks with dirt floors lack basic amenities such as electricity, running water, and sewage systems. Consequently, children living in these dire circumstances suffer frequent illnesses due to exposure to weather extremes, pests, and diseases.

Many of the families we serve through our Mexico children’s program are in desperate need of a safe block home to raise their children in.

Our Program

Operation Enduring Homes

Our home-building program was initiated by missionaries Tom and Wendy Hogan, who envisioned providing secure homes and stable employment opportunities. The community’s children benefit from our comprehensive children’s program, while Operation Enduring Homes not only addresses the urgent need for secure housing but also offers job opportunities, training, and sustainable economic development. This program empowers community members to lift themselves out of poverty, creating new avenues to share the love of Christ with them.

Tom and Wendy Hogan

Missionaries and Directors of Operation Enduring Homes

The Hogans have been serving in Oaxaca since 2008 and love what God is doing there! Their passion is to share the love of God in practical ways and to see people walking in their freedom in Christ and experiencing God’s presence every day. They have been involved in missions for many years and are always amazed that God is able to do such fantastic things through such ordinary people. Tom and Wendy have four incredible children and seven awesome grandchildren.

What drew you to the mission of Forward Edge? Tom and Wendy’s initial contact with FEI was in 1990, when they saw that FEI’s core belief is that the Gospel is both Preaching (or declaration) and Doing Good Works (or demonstration). That’s something that the Hogans have always believed and that drew them to connect with FEI’s mission. Forward Edge is both a ministry and a family, and the Hogans feel like they have been “adopted” into this family, and that they “belong."

If you could have dinner with any person in history (excluding Jesus) who would it be and why? Both Tom and Wendy would choose to dine with King David. Tom, because he identifies with David’s passion for worship and zeal for the presence of God. Wendy, because she wants to sit and listen to David’s heart and discover what moved David to become a lover of God.

What is something about you others are often surprised to learn? Wendy loves to Zumba dance in her free time. Tom’s favorite animals in the world are…Arabian Horses! Or maybe Sandhill Cranes. Or Prairie Bison…too many to chose from!


These funds will go directly to Tom and Wendy's missionary needs.

Give Monthly or One-Time to

Build Homes

Monthly giving not only builds homes, but keeps local men employed and builds the local economy. Every gift of generosity makes a difference. Eighty-five cents of every $1 goes directly to the program.

“Our home benefits us because we won´t be paying rent anymore. The money that we used to pay rent with will be used for things here at the house. My children now have a safe place to live, and so do we.” -Silvia, mother of six

Waiting For Next Family

We are currently assessing the next families who are qualified to receive a safe home. Please check back later or contact us through the form below for more information.

Support a Family

Provide support to a specific family that is prepared for their new home. These families have already purchased plots of land on which their new block homes will be built.

Contact Us

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our homebuilding program and any interests you have in building or funding homes.