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Susie Miller, Nicaragua

Susie Miller has been serving on the mission field for 16 years. Support the work God is accomplishing through her life!

Susie’s Story

My life before knowing Jesus was full of unanswered questions and unfulfilled searches for purpose. I felt lonely and insignificant. I lived a life of sin, searching for significance. I met and accepted our Lord Jesus Christ when I was 25, and the day I was baptized, emerging from the water, I felt like a new person! I was complete. From that day forward, I decided to say “yes” to Jesus and His plan for my life. I have served on the mission field for 16 years, and I will continue to love and follow Jesus all the days of my life. 

Prayer Requests

  • She wants to see through God’s eyes and not her own; to speak His words, not hers.
  • She wants to encourage others to lean on Jesus when facing life’s challenges.
  • She desires to share the Gospel with those in need and share the hope we have in Jesus.
  • She hopes for protection, health, and safety in all activities.
  • She praises God for His provision in all areas of her ministry and desires to rely on Him for all her needs.