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Light a Candle Uganda | Kampala, Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose landscapes encompass the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains. Called the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill because of its beauty and hospitality, Uganda was a British colony until October 9th, 1962 when it gained its independence. Just like most African countries, Uganda has experienced a lot of political instability which has affected its social and economic growth. As a result, the rate of orphaned children and poverty continues to increase annually. 

Our program, Light A Candle, serves 400 children in some of the most difficult areas of Kampala, Uganda. Kampala comprises 3.5 million people within the city limits, including 57 slums where the poorest of the poor reside. Of those living in these slums, 50% are children under the age of 15. 

Slum life is one of abject poverty, poor sanitation and exposure to high crime. Most families have little to no income and have to try selling trash they can find on the street for something to eat. Prostitution and drug use are common and law enforcement is very poor. Most children have only one parent, or none at all, due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They are not in school and are left alone often, which puts them at very high risk of abuse, assault, and sexual exploitation. 

By providing meals, education, and mentoring, we are giving these precious children opportunities that brighten their futures, protect them from disease, crime, drugs, sexual abuse, and help them reach their full, God-given potential. 

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Ways to Make an Impact



Empower the children in our program by giving monthly or one time.



Gather nine others and go serve the children in our program first-hand.



Invest in a relationship with one of these children through sponsorship.

Bring vital resources to children and families in Uganda

Monthly giving enables our programs to have sustained impact in the lives of children and communities, but every donation makes a difference. To make a one-time donation select the arrows next to “Monthly” and select “One Time”.