The Who, How, and Why

Watch these three videos to see the amazing impact we can make together when you partner with Forward Edge.

WHO is Forward Edge and WHAT do we do? 

The goal of our children’s programs is to care for the needs of suffering children while helping them discover and pursue God’s plan for their lives. We accomplish this vision by providing opportunities for them to learn how valued they are by God, and get the tools and support they need to build new, brighter futures.


HOW do we do what we do?

Instead of coming into a poverty-stricken community and trying to “fix” it from a Westerner’s perspective, Forward Edge comes alongside local leaders in that community to help them define their own needs, build their own development plans, and receive tools that will empower them to break the cycle of poverty on their own terms.


Most importantly, WHY do we do it?

Every individual has value to God. He loves them and made them for a purpose—a mission—and Forward Edge exists to help them live it. Whenever someone involved with Forward Edge discovers their worth and lives their mission—whether that’s a suffering child in the developing world or an affluent suburbanite in the U.S.—then our mission is accomplished and our “why” is fulfilled.

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