Fighting Child Slavery in Haiti

Help protect and empower vulnerable children susceptible to abuse, isolation and exploitation in a child-slavery practice throughout Haiti called restavek.

Photo: Vlad Sokhin

Restavek is a form of modern-day child slavery in Haiti affecting more than 400,000 children (one in every 15 children). Typically born into poor, rural families, restavek children are often given to relatives or strangers in an effort to ensure they survive. Most of these children become domestic slaves assigned to menial tasks, are not allowed to attend school, and are often abused, neglected and malnourished.

Forward Edge is seeking to launch the “Pwoteje Project” (English: Protégé Project) in partnership with Restavek Freedom Foundation and local churches in Vernet, Haiti.

This multifaceted project creates Child Protection Committees, educates the community through training and advocacy, and provides the tools to bring awareness and implement change within the culture. Education and local ownership of the solutions are key to ending child slavery.

Total Funding Need: $22,000

The costs for this program revolve around critical training and community outreach events. Outreach efforts will include the following:

Assist children in critical need

Those that have been abused, malnourished, neglected, etc.Those that have been abused, malnourished, neglected, etc.

Identify, visit and educate

families in the community who have restavek children.


to the government and local authorities for child protection efforts.

Provide ongoing support

for hosting churches and community-wide child protection events.

Host "Justice Sundays"

in the seven Vernet churches to educate the community on caring for all children.

Pwoteje Project Costs

For 35 years, Forward Edge has been supporting local leaders transforming their own communities. Watch this video to see how we do what we do.

View our 2017 Annual Report here.