Disaster Recovery Fund

After a major disaster strikes we focus on helping the most vulnerable; widows, elderly, single moms, low-income families, and others unable to rebuild on their own.

Forward Edge specializes in phase-II disaster-recovery work, assisting disaster victims long after first responders have left. Gifts to the Disaster Recovery Fund help provide construction materials during the long-term recovery effort for the most vulnerable and others unable to rebuild on their own.

Giving to this fund is a great way for people who cannot serve firsthand on a volunteer team to still play a significant role in rebuilding homes and lives.

We invite you to join others in giving to the Disaster Recovery Fund. Together, we can show disaster victims they are not forgotten!

New Disaster Recovery Opportunity

Help Wildfire Survivors Rebuild in Oregon

Join us in God’s story of bringing beauty from ashes as we come alongside those who have lost so much to the fires in Southern Oregon.
Call (360.558.5896) or email sheristanley@forwardedge.org to begin!

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Southern Oregon Fire Recovery

The 2020 fires in Southern Oregon resulted in more than 2,300 homes lost, more than 40,000 people displaced, and an estimated 80% of the children of the local school district impacted. Forward Edge will be there alongside them for the long road to recovery. 

Hurricane Laura

In the midst of a pandemic, national rioting, and an election year, hundreds of families devastated in Louisiana are quickly being forgotten. But you can show them they're not. Your gift today will empower local churches to help those hit hardest in their communities.

Puerto Rico Recovery

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has displaced 4,200 people. Our partners in Puerto Rico, Pastor Rolando and Vivian Cruz, are currently helping displaced refugees in their community, and have asked for our help. 

You can trust that you're making a real and lasting impact.


Only 15% of your gift to our programs will be set aside for administration and fundraising costs.



Our children’s programs have proven effective towards long-term, holistic transformation.



Your investment empowers credible nationals caring for their own people & community.