Haiti Community Center

Building the first-ever community center for the impoverished community of Vernet, Haiti will provide a learning and recreational environment that helps change lives.

The Vernet Community

The community of Vernet is an urban community located just outside the city of Les Cayes in the southern region of Haiti. It’s home to approximately 3,000 people living in extreme poverty. Many children in the area are trapped in a form of domestic slavery called restavek, including some children in our program. 

Forward Edge is partnering with the people of Vernet to provide holistic, child-focused community development, focusing on five major program areas:

Health & Wellness



Economic Development


The center

This 1/3-acre community center – the first of its kind in the area – will include a meeting area, an athletic field, and a multipurpose sports court, providing children and adults with new opportunities to grow spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually. The center will be the new home for our Kids Club program, which is currently serving over 100 kids a week, and will also be a place for parents and other youth and families within the community to grow and thrive. Here are some of the activities this facility will provide:

Daily tutoring and discipleship for children

Regular Christian entertainment for all the churches in the area (i.e. plays, concerts, etc.)

Weekly feeding program for Kids Club

Quarterly community health clinics

Conferences and trainings for teachers, pastors, parents, etc.

Sporting events

Providing a safe place for children and families in Vernet to get equipped, encouraged and empowered will cultivate change for a community in desperate need.

help Build the vernet, haiti community center!

$25.00 of $109,955.00 raised

Land: $58,824

Foundation: $13,266

Building Materials: $35,865

Doors & Windows: $1,294

Electrical: $706

Total Funding Required: $109,955

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