Classrooms for Mexico Children's Program

Provide a safe and healthy environment where at-risk children living in extreme poverty can receive the tutoring and guidance they need to break the cycle of poverty and build brighter futures.

The poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico is at a staggering 53.2%, where most families are dealing with severe unemployment and very poor education. Children are starved for food and affection, suffering from malnutrition, neglect and abandonment. Childhood is often cut short as children are forced to quit school to find work. The average child doesn’t finish 7th grade, and less than 14% make it past 8th grade.

Forward Edge’s program in Oaxaca, Trigo y Miel, invests in the lives of more than 140 children, from their health to their education, to their spiritual salvation. This ministry provides a healthy meal once a day, five days a week in addition to safe water, health care, Bible study and tutoring.

Currently, Bible studies and tutoring are accomplished in the open-air covered area of the feeding center. This is not a suitable environment for learning, and is unusable when it’s raining. These classrooms will serve as a venue for the following activities for the children in the program, their families, and potentially, others in the local community:

Educational Opportunities

Tutoring, computer training, English lessons.

Vocational Skills Training

Lessons in cooking, sewing, jewelry-making, art, music and more will be taught to provide future employable skills to the children in our program, as well as their families.

Mission Teams

This expansion will also serve as usable space for short-term mission teams to stay during their visits, ultimately saving cost and travel time for their trips.

Cost to complete project: $22,500
Annual operating costs: $600

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