Help Us Carry Precious Cargo

Trigo y Miel is in need of a new van to provide safe transportation for the children at at our Oaxaca, Mexico program and the mission teams who serve them.

Supporting a Vibrant Ministry

The ministry of Trigo y Miel serves more than 140 children from the community seven days a week through nutritious meals, discipleship, tutoring, healthcare and more. In addition, this ministry receives short-term mission teams who come to serve the impoverished community where Trigo y Miel is centered. The 11-year-old van they currently use for the program is in severe decline. This van is essential to transport children and families, ensure the delivery of food prepared for the daily meal program, and transport Forward Edge mission teams.

Partnering for Prosperity

We have the opportunity to purchase a new Toyota 15-passenger van which will provide safe, reliable transportation for the children and Forward Edge team members.  Reliable transportation is vital to the success of both the ministry and the mission team program.

A total of $17,500 will secure a new van for the children at Trigo y Miel.

Your gift of any amount will help towards the goal!

$502.00 of $17,500.00 raised

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We help the most vulnerable disaster survivors return home (widows, low-income families, single moms, & the elderly).