Haiti Earthquake

Your gift today will help children and families at the center of this terrible disaster.

At 8:30 am on August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Haiti. And it breaks our hearts to say the town most affected, Les Cayes, is where the Forward Edge children’s program is located.

The death toll reached hundreds within hours and is rising rapidly. Churches and homes have also been reduced to rubble. Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has declared a month-long state of emergency.

“I saw bodies being pulled out of the rubble, injured and perhaps dead people,” said Les Cayes resident Jean Marie Simon who was at the market when the earthquake struck and ran home to see if his family was safe. “I heard cries of pain everywhere I passed through.”

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is ill-equipped to respond to disasters like this. But, by God’s grace, our Forward Edge community is uniquely positioned to send support to trustworthy partners who will ensure that it goes directly to those most in need.

Please consider sending a financial gift today that we can and will use to help those affected by this terrible disaster. We’ll be sure to send you reports on how these funds are used, including the testimonies of those blessed by your generosity.

Thank you in advance for reaching out to help the hurting people of Haiti in the wake of this devastating earthquake.

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