Forward Edge offers three different devotionals you can choose from. Each devotional is unique and will help you lead your team into following God’s call on their lives throughout your week on the mission field.

We suggest you lead devotionals each morning before or after breakfast. By leading a devotional first thing in the morning, you’re helping your team create a foundation of seeking God’s movements in their daily tasks, depending on God’s Word when times get tough, and waiting on God’s voice to help discern where and who to minister to throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how this short amount of time set aside can change the whole tone of your mission trip.

Experiencing God Devotional

This devotional is aimed to prepare hearts for a mission of serving others. Major themes in this devotional are:
  • Understanding Jesus as a servant
  • Exploring God’s love for us
  • Loving God and the people around us
  • Listening to God speak
  • The importance of faith
  • Adjusting our lives when returning home
  • Obeying God

Download the Experiencing God Devo as a FREE PDF to use whenever you need!

Short-Term Mission Trip Devotional

This devotional gives an in-depth, practical approach to applying biblical principles in a cross-cultural setting. Topics covered are:
  • The importance of teamwork
  • How God views the poor
  • Jesus’ invitation to “be with Him”
  • Being a servant and being served
  • Our emotions and how they relate to worshiping
  • Submission to God’s will
  • Adjusting our lives to God’s calling when returning home

Download the Short-Term Mission Trips Devo as a FREE PDF to use whenever you need!

SURF Devotional

This devo is currently being updated and will be back soon.