Ending Poverty by Building a Community

Oaxaca, Mexico is among the poorest regions in Latin America. Three out of four people here lack access to basic necessities like food, water, education and health care. Most have nothing more than a third or fourth-grade education, and many families are forced to live in one-room, dirt-floor shacks.

Children here suffer from malnutrition, neglect and abandonment. They’re often forced to drop out of school to get a low-paying job that traps them in an endless cycle of poverty. This cycle often brings with it drug use, gang membership, and teen pregnancy.

Our child-focused community development program in Oaxaca is called Trigo y Miel, (Wheat and Honey). Here, over 100 children receive nutritious meals, safe drinking water, medical care, tutoring, and emotional support. Most importantly, they’re learning how loved they are by God.


Holistic Change

Our team in Mexico is building a brighter future for the materially poor community of Olimpo by investing deeply into the lives of children and families.

Building Safe Homes and Sustainable Livelihoods with Earth Blocks

Forward Edge Missionary, Tom Hogan (pictured right), leads Operation Enduring Homes (OEH). OEH builds earth block homes that satisfy the immediate needs for housing in the Trigo y Miel community, and provides jobs, training, and long-term economic development for the community’s men. This is empowering families to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Mexico Program Directors

Pastor Victor and Lety Velasco

Directors of Trigo y Miel

Victor and Lety, both natives of Oaxaca, Mexico, have 15 years of pastoral experience. In 2006 God called both of them to work in a children’s ministry that is now known as Trigo y Miel (Wheat and Honey). Since then, they have experienced God’s deep love and provision for the children and for themselves. Victor and Lety work to provide food, education, healthcare, and the teachings of biblical principles through the presentation of the Gospel.

What drew you to the mission of Forward Edge? Forward Edge is dedicated to a holistic approach and that’s something that we deeply believe in – it’s what drew us initially to the ministry. We are now compelled and excited by getting to belong to this group of men and women passionate about serving God and His people.

If you could have dinner with any person in history (excluding Jesus) who would it be and why? We would dine with Joseph Anfuso, Nicole Klepec and Jeff Thompson. We can learn a lot from each of them.

What is something about you others are often surprised to learn? People are often surprised by our large sense of humor.

Team Coordinator

Sheri Stanley

Director of Operations & Mobilization


Hi! I’m Sheri, the Mexico Team Coordinator. I look forward to working with you to plan your life-changing week in Mexico!

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