Help Children in Kenya

Please consider donating to Forward Edge before purchasing us items. Your donations will go directly to Mama Beth’s feeding program in Kijabe, Kenya, providing food and education for children. This organization partners with local ministries to expand their reach in their own community.

Mama Beth's Children's Program

Children in Kijabe, Kenya are living in some of the worst conditions on our planet. Many have been orphaned by AIDS and suffer from extreme malnutrition and preventable, water-borne illnesses. Most families live in dirt floor shacks with no electricity or sewage systems. Most parents cannot afford to give their children more than one meal a day or to send them to school. For those fortunate enough to go, it often requires miles of walking, often barefoot, to get there. This is especially dangerous for girls because sexual assault is common while traveling 

Our program, Mama Beth’s Children’s Program, has its roots in a ministry that was started decades ago by a dedicated Kenyan woman, “Mama Beth”, who began feeding and caring for children in her community from her home. Through a partnership with Mama Beth’s daughter (the acting Program Director), we’re providing at-risk children with a daily nutritious meal, safe drinking water, access to medical evaluations, school tuition and emotional support. Most importantly, we’re showing a growing number of children how loved they are by God, teaching them to follow Christ, and helping them realize their full, God-given potential. 

Sponsor a Child from Kenya

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Only 15% of your gift to our programs will be set aside for administration and fundraising costs.



Our children’s programs have proven effective towards long-term, holistic transformation.



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