Send Your Child a Video

Record a Video Now

To record a video, first make sure you allow our site permission to use your camera and microphone. For PC browsers, you should see a popup from your browser asking for permission. For mobile devices, first go to the settings for your browser app and allow both camera and microphone permissions for the app. Then the browser app will ask you for permissions for this specific page. If you receive an error below stating your browser does not support webcam capture, please check these permission settings and try again.

To get started, click the red Record circle at the bottom right of the camera window. To switch cameras, click the switch icon at the top left. To stop recording and review your video, click on the Stop icon (white square), then preview your video by clicking the green play button. You may re-record by clicking the red Record circle again.

Once you are happy with your video, make sure to click “Send Your Video” to send it to us!

Upload a Pre-Recorded Video

Upload a video from your device here. Drag and drop files to the upload box or click Select File, then click the Upload File button to send us your video/photo.