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Forward Edge’s ministry is built around ordinary people pursuing the extraordinary purpose God has for them. That’s why we invite you to come alongside us so, together, we can change the lives and futures of vulnerable children, disaster victims, and those who go to serve them. You can do that three different ways; partner, pray, or give.


You, your group, or your whole church can partner with Forward Edge to make a difference!

Employer Matching is a great way to partner with your work to double the impact you’re already making through your giving. 

Strategic Community Partnership is an opportunity to build a cross-cultural ministry utilizing Forward Edge’s 30-plus years of experience sending short-term mission teams and ministering cross-culturally.

Sell a Home, Save a Child is our program for real estate professionals desiring to build brighter futures for vulnerable children around the world.


Perhaps the most important part of our ministry is prayer. Only through prayer can we pursue God’s perfect plans and purposes. Join our Global Prayer Team to receive short daily email updates listing ways you can pray with us over the many ways God is working through Forward Edge.


Whether you’re passionate about providing for vulnerable children through things like feeding programs, healthcare, and spiritual care, pushing children living in poverty towards a brighter future through education, or helping disaster victims rebuild their lives, we have many opportunities for you to get involved.

Planned Giving is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy through estate planning.

By becoming a Corporate Partner with us you can do more than just business as usual. Join other businesses making a who are reshaping the lives and futures of vulnerable children and disaster victims around the world.
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Make your gift go twice as far!

Matching gifts provide you with an easy way to potentially double, or even triple, your original donation! Many organizations supplement their employees’ charitable contributions. In fact, your company, your spouse’s company, the company whose board you serve on, or even a company you retired from may match your gift to Forward Edge.

Additionally, if you’ve volunteered on a mission trip through Forward Edge, and your company has an Employer Volunteer Grant program, they may donate up to $15 for every hour you’ve served!


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Help Us Follow God’s Guidance for the Ministry of Forward Edge

We believe the most effective way to help the people we serve is through faithful prayer and intercession. This is why we invite you to join us in prayer as we ask God together to use Forward Edge for His will, plans, and purposes!


Your Church’s Story is a Vital Part of God’s Story

As a dedicated church leader, you are understandably passionate about making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission. That’s why the story of your church is a vital part of God’s Story.

For more than 30 years, Forward Edge International (FEI) has been dedicated to glorifying God and furthering His purposes around the world. Today, we pursue that goal by coming alongside churches like yours through what we call “Strategic Community Partnerships”—relationships through which we help church communities maximize their impact and effectiveness in advancing God’s kingdom globally.

We are dedicated to assisting, equipping, and empowering local churches by offering our decades of experience in church mobilization and effective, cross-cultural ministry.

What is a “Strategic Community Partner”?


A strategic Community Partnership (SCP) is a long-term, strategic relationship between a U.S. church and a disadvantaged and under-resourced community, facilitated by Forward Edge International.

By dedicating their resources to a specific community for an extended period of time—i.e. “going deep” in one place—SCPs dramatically increase the transformational impact they have in that community.

SCPs typically commit to the same community for three to five years.


Potential Benefits of the SCP Strategy


Benefits for Your Community Partner
  • Partnering communities receive assistance in identifying and utilizing their own assets as a vital part of the long-term development plan. See how that works here.
  • By forming long-term partnerships with churches in the U.S. and Canada, partnering communities gain resources and foster relationships that help them break free from the cycle of poverty and provide new trajectories for future generations.
  • By engaging in holistic, Christ-centered ministry, with the support of SCPs and Forward Edge, partnering communities have increased capacity to address both their material and spiritual needs.
Benefits for Your Church
  • By investing in programs directed by church leaders local to the area in which you’re investing, you can confidently empower partnering communities to carry out a clearly defined, long-term development plan.
  • Your church benefits from FEI’s 30-plus years of experience in coordinating effective, short-term mission trips (no need to “reinvent the wheel”).
  • Members of your church have opportunities to travel to location and form ongoing, personal relationships.
  • By providing opportunities for members of your church to directly participate in focused, cross-cultural ministry over an extended period of time, you accelerate the discipleship process in the lives of your congregants.
  • Members of SCP churches grow in their passion for evangelism, global missions, and serving in their own local churches and communities.


How Does it Work? 

Every Forward Edge SCP is given four opportunities for deeper levels of engagement. Most take advantage of multiple opportunities, if not all four.

Short-term Mission Teams
Short-term Mission Teams

Short-term Mission Teams

Send 1-4 mission teams annually to nurture and transform specific, under-resourced communities, allowing long-term relationships to form.

Child Sponsorship
Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Church members have the opportunity to sponsor vulnerable children in the community, and build long-term relationships with them.

Annual Support
Annual Support

Annual Support

Set a unifying, annual goal of congregation-wide financial support allocated for your partner community's most urgent needs or to fund specific programs your congregation is passionate about.

Project Funding
Project Funding

Project Funding

Opportunities to consider funding - over and above your church's annual support - specific projects identified by the community's long-term development plan.


I hope you’ll prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve together, and in so doing, dramatically increase our effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission. If you are a U.S. or Canadian church leader, or an administrator at a U.S. college, and would like to learn more about becoming a Strategic Community Partner (SCP) with Forward Edge, please fill out the form below and someone from Forward Edge will respond to your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

Joseph Anfuso
Founder & President



Contact us about the SCP opportunity

Forward Edge - Planned Giving

Creating a Legacy of Impact through Estate Planning

Every once in a while you may stop to consider the impact your life has on the people around you. Many people can look at their family and friends, knowing they’ve had a positive influence. Many still yearn to do something more…something deeper for mankind…something positive for God’s Kingdom that will survive the challenge of time.

Often our cash resources are limited. We would like to give more to our favorite charitable causes, but there simply isn’t enough resources available. What if you could give a lasting and permanent gift…one with bigger impact than you ever dreamed possible? And what if you could do it in a way that honored and protected your loved ones inheritance at the same time?

The great news is that this is possible with a planned gift made through your estate!

If estate planning is something you’re thinking about for the first time, or if you need to update an older estate plan, we have resources and people available to help you.  Here are a few great tools to get you started:
Estate Planning Guide Estate Inventory Form

In addition, we have a staff representative who is well-versed in the technical aspects of business transition, retirement, and estate planning. While Forward Edge cannot serve as your legal counsel, our staff representative is trained to help in areas such as:

  • how to sell a property or business while minimizing capital gains tax,
  • protecting the way in which your loved ones receive their inheritance,
  • minimizing taxation on retirement plans, and
  • reducing or eliminate estates tax

Need Help?

We can help with all of this while significantly including stewardship in the planning decisions you make. If you have questions about estate planning, call 360-558-5889. Or fill out the form below and someone from Forward Edge will contact you.


Various Ways You Can Give


If you’re interested in donating to Forward Edge, but have publicly traded stock that has appreciated in value, it is more advantageous to you to donate the stock rather than the cash. Why? Because any capital gains tax you would have incurred if you sold the stock will be avoided when you give it to Forward Edge instead. Then, if you happen to like that particular stock, you can buy it again with your available cash.

Real Estate

While cash, CDs and marketable securities are thought of most often when making a gift to a charitable organization, real estate is sometimes the best gift of all. Many people reach a stage in life where they simply don’t want the management responsibility that accompanies property ownership.

For those who have rental apartments or commercial buildings, not only can they avoid capital gains tax, but they can avoid depreciation recapture tax as well. For those with farms or vacation homes, life-income arrangements, such as CRTs or Gift Annuities, can be equally rewarding. 

Call Forward Edge at 360-558-5889 and a representative will be happy to discuss a gift of real estate with you.

Life Insurance

Forward Edge is able to receive life insurance gifts in two ways.  First, people often have what is called a “paid up” policy. In other words, they have owned the life insurance for so long that cash value has grown inside the contract. Sometimes the cash is significant enough that the earnings on that cash are enough to pay the premiums. In those instances, the life insurance is deemed to be “paid up.”  The second way to give through a life insurance plan is by deeming Forward Edge a beneficiary of the cash surrender value of the policy. 

NOTE: Forward Edge does not participate in start-up life insurance programs, in any form, where the goal is to have donors make donations with the expectation that Forward Edge will use those proceeds to pay insurance premiums.

Retirement Plans

Recently, Congress changed the rules on retirement plans. Today, the payout rate requirement after age 70.5 is much lower than it used to be. Consequently, as people get into their 80s and 90s, it’s more likely that their IRA, KEOGH, or 401k balances will remain higher. That’s good news for most older Americans!

However, there is a looming…and often large…tax on retirement plans that people don’t often consider while doing their estate planning.  Here’s how it works:

Congress allows each of us to put money into a retirement account during our working years tax-free. In other words, we don’t have to pay income tax on the amount of money we place in IRAs, KEOGHs, or 401ks. Additionally, these accounts get to compound in value tax-free to grow as quickly as possible.

However, the IRS doesn’t forget that those very same retirement plans have never been subject to tax! So, if a person passes away while holding the retirement plan in their estate, income tax to your heirs, and possibly estate taxes, will be due.

To avoid this scenario, it’s often advisable for people simply to name their favorite charitable organization(s) as the remainder beneficiary of their retirement plan.  This can be easily done by calling the retirement plan administrator and filling out a new beneficiary designation form. Charitable organizations are not subject to estate or income tax, so the full value of the retirement plan can become a gift.

Estates or Bequests

Often referred to as “bequests,” a person, or married couple, can name Forward Edge as a beneficiary in their estate documents, using either a Will or Living Trust.  This is one of the most meaningful ways a charitable organization can be supported by those passionate about its cause.  And it’s easy to do!  Simply call us at 360-558-5889 and our staff will be happy to provide language you can give your attorney as you update, or complete, your estate plan.

Some people like to include a portion of their Will or Living Trust to a charitable organization. This is sometimes referred to as a “Charity Child.” For example, a married couple with three children may desire to leave each child 25% of their estate and allocate their “charity child” the remaining 25%.

Gifts that Provide Income Back to You

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) can be one of the most powerful planning tools available as people do retirement and estate planning.

CRTs afford the donor potentially five favorable tax outcomes by virtue of one financial transaction.  They are:  1) capital gain tax avoidance 2) income tax deduction, 3) tax-free compounding 4) income payments taxed favorably, and 5) estate tax elimination (for those people with large estates).

  1. Capital Gain Tax Avoidance allows people to place an asset(s) in a CRT and avoid paying initial capital gain tax in the process. For example, if you paid $100,000 for some property that is now worth $500,000 you can sell the property through a CRT without having to report the $400,000 of capital gain as income.
  1. An Income Tax Deduction is available to those who create CRTs. If you live in Oregon, you are able to receive both a state and federal income tax deduction based upon a portion of the market value of the asset they place in a CRT.
  1. Tax-Free Compounding occurs on the asset(s) that is placed in a CRT. For example, if you place an appreciated piece of real estate in a CRT and then sell it, the proceeds are typically then invested in stocks and bonds.  Any investment growth inside the CRT will occur tax-free for as long as the trust is in existence.
  1. Income Payments Taxed Favorably occurs as people receive their payments from a CRT.  Often, if invested carefully, the person(s) receiving income from a CRT may receive portions of that income taxed at long-term capital gain rates.  For many people, the long-term capital gain of 15% is less than their ordinary income tax bracket.
  1. Estate Tax Elimination can be accomplished for those with large estates. Effectively, the value of the asset placed in a CRT now comes out of the donor’s estate, thereby lowering the donor’s taxable estate.   As an example, if an individual has an estate valued at $5,500,000, and she places a $500,000 asset in a CRT, the taxable value of her estate would be lowered to $5,000,000.

Finally, life insurance can sometimes be a viable part of a CRT plan.  If the donor(s) want their loved ones to participate in the full value of their estate, then creating a life insurance trust with some of the CRT tax savings and additional cash flow can allow loved ones to “remain whole” as it relates to their inheritance.

Every day, business leaders like you are partnering with organizations to make a difference. We invite you to join us in reshaping futures for vulnerable children and disaster victims around the world.

If you’re interested in setting up a corporate partnership with Forward Edge, please submit the quick form below, and someone from Forward Edge will contact you. Thank you!