A Note from the President:

2016 was a year of growth and vitality for the ministry of Forward Edge—due in large part to friends like you. Consider for a moment just some of the things God accomplished through FEI in 2016:

  • 4,783 children received support from FEI, including benefits like quality education, health care, spiritual training, and access to safe drinking water.
  • Forward Edge teams came to the aid of dozens of disaster victims in West Virginia, Haiti, and Cuba.
  • Forward Edge volunteers donated more than $675,000 worth of professional and non-professional services.
  • More than 3,400 people heard a clear and compelling presentation of the gospel, with 273 getting baptized.

In 2016, we also took the first steps toward establishing a new program for vulnerable children in the nation of Cuba. Our first team to Cuba served there in December, and several more teams are scheduled for 2017.

Beyond all the stats and tangible accomplishments, though, was something far greater: the ongoing conviction that everyone involved with Forward Edge—from the thousands of children and disaster victims who benefit from our programs, to the hundreds of donors and volunteers who made these programs possible—was created by God to make a difference in this world… to live his or her mission (Eph. 2:10). It is this deeply held conviction that continues to fuel everything God does through Forward Edge, and is the very reason for our existence. 

On behalf of all those who benefited from God’s work through FEI in 2016, thank you for living at least part of you mission through this ministry.





Joseph Anfuso
Founder and President 

Some inspiring stories from 2016:

Your support provided many life-changing opportunities for children, disaster-victims, and volunteers last year! Here are just a few of the many highlights of 2016.

Two girls at our Nicaragua program, Villa Esperanza—Bettis and Jennifer—were trained over many months on a new vocational skill: how to make delicious pizza from scratch! This will prove to be a wonderful skill when they enter the job market.
Late last year, a boy named Mackendy in our Haiti program, fell on a piece of rebar rupturing his bowels. Our supporters provided the funds for two vital surgeries, and Mackendy is now fully healthy and happy!
This year, we officially launched Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), a program for real estate professionals who want to make a difference for children in need. Through funds raised by SAHSAC, Trigo y Miel, our program in Oaxaca, Mexico, was able to add a fifth day of the week to their feeding program!
Your support helped provide a desperately-needed renovation of eight classrooms and sixteen bathrooms at Kiambago Primary School in Kijabe, Kenya, where most of the children in our program attend. Before this, Kiambago only had two toilets for more than 300 children!
Our first team to Cuba in November conducted a Vacation Bible School for more than 60 children at a church in Santiago. Twenty of those children accepted an invitation to receive Christ for the first time!
We have two high school graduates—Reyna and Iliana—from Villa Esperanza, our program for at-risk girls in Managua, Nicaragua. Eight years ago, these girls were likely headed toward teen pregnancy and life in a garbage dump. But today, Iliana plans to pursue a career in pediatric nursing, and Reyna is headed to university to study international relations.
After Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti in October, our generous supporters and volunteers were able to help more than 60 Haitian families in Meyotte and Les Cayes, providing temporary housing, food, clothing, shoes, safe drinking water, and home repairs.
In September, a team of volunteers helped restore the house of Pastor Charles Swiney in Charleston. This family of eight had eight feet of standing water from the flash flood in June. "You have to see this! We have walls again!" said Pastor Charles' eight-year-old granddaughter.
This Spring, a team of students from Messiah College Collaboratory developed and installed a water-purification system at our Oaxaca, Mexico program, Trigo y Miel. This system has allowed Trigo y Miel to develop a water co-op in the community that now provides safe drinking water for local families, and brings in modest revenue for the program.
In August, a team of 12 runners ran the famous Hood to Coast relay race in Oregon and raised more than $11,000 towards building a new home for the Belizaire family in Haiti. Moreover, a few of the runners from the team got to join a mission team in September that helped build the home.
On a trip in July, a team of individuals to Kenya spent time at the home of Henry and Judy, two children in our program. The team decided to help their family pay the rent they were struggling to afford and fund renovations for the home, fixing holes in the walls and replacing the leaky roof.
Last year, more than 400 volunteers on mission teams to Nicaragua helped renovate nine public schools attended by more than 2,700 students, where they were also invited to share openly about Jesus.


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