Forward Edge Founder and President, Joseph Anfuso, has written two thought-provoking books, read more about them below:


Message in a Body

Born into a prominent political family in New York, Joseph Anfuso grew up in a world of privilege, prestige and high expectations. Disillusioned with the values and pressures of that world, he would set out on a journey of personal discovery that would take him from the streets of London and New York to the dizzying heights of the Himalayan Mountains. What he found at the end of his journey—or more accurately, who and what found him—would not only change his life, but thousands of other lives as well. The “message” in this book could change your life, too.

“This story of journey is common enough that we can identify ourselves in these pages, and extraordinary enough that it will reach the quiet places in our hearts and call us upward.”

— William Paul Young, Author, The Shack


The Best Story of Your Life

What is God’s plan for my life? How can I find it? How does God reveal His plans for me?

Plenty of people have offered helpful responses: spend time in prayer and God’s Word…identify your spiritual gifts…ask others to point out your strengths and weaknesses…create a “life plan” and commit yourself to carrying it out.

Joseph Anfuso has a different answer. Based on his own experiences and those of the faithful people around him, he offers a new perspective: the key to discovering your God-given destiny may be as simple (and hard) as this: responding with faith and obedience to circumstances you did not anticipate or seek.


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