Recent rains have finally ended the drought in Kenya. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers, and for supporting the community of Mama Beth’s as they worked hard to feed children during this difficult time.

Your partnership is preventing children from going hungry in Kijabe.

Kenya is facing a devastating drought throughout much of the nation. Officials have declared the drought to be a national disaster in 23 of its 47 counties, and have called for aid. The effects of this drought includes a severe food shortage nationwide. In February 2017, the Red Cross estimated that 2.7 million people were in need of food aid following unusually low rainfall in the fall months, with the next rainy season still at least two months away.

Because of generosity from partners like you, the children at Mama Beth’s–our program in Kijabe, Kenya–do not need to face this daily fear of food scarcity. Additionally, we were able to add more than 30 children from a local school to our feeding program during this difficult season. Your partnership and support is making a very real impact on the lives of children and families in desperate need. Thank you! And please join us in praying for rain and abundance in Kenya.

If you’d like to support this effort to feed as many children as we can in the community of Kijabe, Kenya please click the link below.
Donate to Feed Children