Spiritual Discipleship in Vernet

Forward Edge recently launched a new children’s program in a community in southern Haiti called Vernet. This region is home to around 3,000 people suffering from extreme poverty, and many are still displaced from Hurricane Matthew last year. Our goal is to provide holistic child-focused community development focusing on five major areas – water, education, health, economic development, and discipleship

Discipleship programs are the foundation of all our development work in our partnering communities. That’s because while we do believe development on the outside is very important, it will prove empty and short-lived if it’s not accompanied with development on the inside. A full plate of food can feed an empty stomach, but not an empty soul. That’s why we’ve designed a discipleship program taught by indigenous Christian leaders—utilizing the arts, sports, science, experiential learning, and most importantly, relationships—to nurture these children spiritually.

A full plate of food cannot feed an empty soul.

Our discipleship program, called Rejoice, equips the local church to disciple the next generation of students in their community. Local facilitators are trained and equipped with the skills to teach and disciple children in local schools using Biblical, character-based virtues. The weekly curriculum focuses on four truths that shape a child’s worldview: there is a God who created them, He deeply loves them, they were created in His image, and He sent Jesus to rescue, redeem, and restore them.

The five major goals of this program are to:

  1. Develop a strong Biblical worldview for school-aged children.
  2. Mentor, train and disciple 6-10 male and female community leaders.
  3. Strengthen the effectiveness and influence of the local church in the communities.
  4. Create a culture of family Bible study within the community.
  5. Introduce students and community members to the Gospel in a clear and relevant way.

Offer spiritual discipleship to suffering children in Haiti.

Program Costs:
 Program Coordinator  $500
 Materials and Supplies  $1,200
 Total  $1,700


Yes, let’s transform the lives of vulnerable children in Vernet, Haiti by bringing nutritious meals, access to safe drinking water and quality education! But let’s also feed their souls with the hope of Christ, and teach them about the unwavering joy and purpose they can experience through him alone.

Will you help feed the souls of children in Vernet today?

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