The nation of Haiti has experienced significant loss in the last decade. In 2010, a 7.0 earthquake left hundreds of thousands of children orphaned. Many families that survived still live in tents or damaged sheet-metal homes even today, seven years later. And in the southern region of the island, just about all the rebuilding efforts over the past seven years were washed away by Hurricane Matthew. Our hearts have been broken by their tremendous suffering.

Pastor Jean Chavannes Jeune is a widely-respected pastor, evangelist, and missionary.

That’s why Forward Edge has embarked on a new partnership in the southern Haitian city of Vernet, a community of about 3,000 people. As an organization, we feel called to partner with the people of Vernet, to come alongside them in both their challenges and their strengths. In a recent community assessment, we learned that the people in Vernet are challenged by lack of jobs and unsafe drinking water. Most importantly, they’re concerned for their children, who suffer from extreme malnutrition, no health care, and poor access to education.

We know it breaks God’s heart to see these children suffer. His plans for them are quite different: to prosper them (Jer. 29:11), and to use them for great things (Eph. 2:10). Our purpose in Haiti is to be a vessel for God to carry out those plans. We want to help each of these children know God’s love for them, and equip them to fulfill their God-given potential—by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.

The community members of Vernet overwhelmingly agreed that local churches were their best community asset. That’s why we’re also excited about our ministry partners in Haiti: Pastor Chavannes and Pastor Coudo. Pastor Coudo helps run a local ministry called Kids’ Club, and leads a church that is a pillar of the community. Pastor Chavannes is a former presidential candidate in Haiti and well-respected throughout the nation. He will be overseeing all future Forward Edge programs in Haiti.

Wendel and his mother, Franchette.

With the help of this great team and your support, Forward Edge has started to build a child sponsorship program to feed and care for children at Kid’s Club…children like Wendel.

Wendel’s family lost their home when Hurricane Matthew hit last year. One day, Wendel’s mother, Franchette, overheard the sounds of Kids’ Club—children learning Bible verses and singing joyful songs—while working in Pastor Coudo’s home. She mustered up the courage to ask if Wendel could join Kids’ Club, and pass along what he learned at home! Pastor Coudo was thrilled to have him join, and now Wendel not only gets nutritious food to feed his body, he brings home the words of Jesus he’s learning to feed the souls of his whole family!

As we grow and build this new partnership in Haiti, more than ever we need the support of friends like you. Would you join us in praying for Wendel and the other children at Kids’ Club? Pray they each receive a sponsor (maybe one of them is you!), and that God brings the support needed to expand this program to meet more critical needs in the community, including safe drinking water, medical care, and school tuition.
Sponsor a Child in Haiti